Atreia Faithful's Greaves Atreia Allegiant's Greaves NPC Elyos Panesterra Entry Plate Pants NPC Asmodian Panesterra Entry Plate Pants NPC Elyos Panesterra Entry Plate Pants02 NPC Asmodian Panesterra Entry Plate Pants02 [Event] Mastarius' Greaves [Event] Veille's Greaves Special Emissary's Divine Greaves Special Ambassador's Divine Greaves Evangale Divine Greaves Overlord Divine Greaves Special Elite Emissary's Divine Greaves Special Elite Ambassador's Divine Greaves Elite Evangale Divine Greaves Elite Overlord Divine Greaves Resurgent Daevanion Greaves Renewed Daevanion Greaves Nasto Legionnaire's Greaves Greaves of Rentus Recovery Squad NPC_BeritraInstancedDungeon_PlatePants_01 NPC_RentusHard_PlatePants_01 Wave Song Greaves Elyos Legionary Greaves Elyos Elite Legionary Greaves Elyos Prime Legionary Greaves Elyos Elite Soldier Greaves Conqueror's Honorable Solid Greaves Conqueror's Honorable Iron Greaves Vasharti Legionnaire's Greaves Vasharti Brigade General's Templar Greaves Vasharti Brigade General's Gladiator Greaves Glimmering Dragon Lord's Greaves Glowing Dragon Lord's Greaves Dragon Lord's Templar Greaves Dragon Lord's Gladiator Greaves Dark Lord's Templar Greaves Darken Lord's Templar Greaves Dark Lord's Gladiator Greaves Darken Lord's Gladiator Greaves Sea Feast Greaves Asmodian Legionary Greaves Asmodian Elite Legionary Greaves Asmodian Elite Legionary Greaves Asmodian Elite Soldier Greaves Black Flame Greaves Dark Flame Greaves NPC_BalaurLordHard_PlatePants_01 Bootleg Custodian's Divine Greaves Bootleg Shepherd's Divine Greaves Bootleg Emissary's Divine Greaves Bootleg Ambassador's Divine Greaves Bootleg Lunatic Modor's Templar Greaves Bootleg Lunatic Modor's Gladiator Greaves 4.8_NPC_NewField_Elyos_MorningLightCaptain_PlatePants_01 4.8_NPC_NewField_Elyos_CeraWeapon_PlatePants_01 4.8_NPC_NewField_Elyos_CeraArmor_PlatePants_01 4.8_NPC_NewField_Elyos_ExpeditionCommChief_PlatePants_01 4.8_NPC_NewField_Asmodian_ExpeditionCommChief_PlatePants_01 4.8_NPC_NewField_Asmodian_ConquestCaptain_PlatePants_01 4.8_NPC_NewField_Asmodian_ExpeditionDeputyComm_PlatePants_01 4.8_NPC_NewField_Asmodian_CeraWeapon_PlatePants_01 4.8_NPC_NewField_Asmodian_CeraArmor_PlatePants_01 4.8_NPC_NewField_Asmodian_Vard_PlatePants_01 4.8_NPC_NewField_Asmodian_ExpeditionDeputyComm_PlatePants_02 Serahrin's Greaves Wave Song Greaves Sea Feast Greaves Shadow Soul's Greaves (14 days) Shadow Soul's Heavy Greaves (14 days) Honorable Ancient Spirit's Protection Greaves Honorable Ancient Spirit's Iron Wall Greaves Elite Ancient Spirit's Protection Greaves Elite Ancient Spirit's Iron Wall Greaves Kaisinel Protector's Greaves Purified Kaisinel Protector's Greaves Marchutan Protector's Greaves Purified Marchutan Protector's Greaves Master Anuhart Gladiator Greaves Master Anuhart Templar Greaves Sauro Commander's Divine Greaves Fearless Greaves Fierce Greaves NPC 65 Daevanion Plate Pants [Event] Ascended Agent's Plate Gaiters NPC Elyos Territory Gladiator's Plate Pants NPC Asmodian Territory Gladiator's Plate Pants NPC 4.9 Abyss Normal Plate Pants NPC 4.9 New Bloody Fight Coin Plate Pants NPC_5.0Archdaeva Instanced Dungeon Goal_Plate Pants_01 Noble Daevanion Greaves Kahrun's Greaves [Event] Lunatic Modor's Templar Greaves [Event] Lunatic Modor's Gladiator Greaves NPC 5.1 Abyss Normal Plate Pants 5.0_Balance Test_Plate_Pants_70A 5.0_Balance Test_Plate_Pants_70B 5.0_Balance Test_Plate_Pants_75A 5.0_Balance Test_Plate_Pants_75B 5.0_Balance Test_Plate_Pants_80A 5.0_Balance Test_Plate_Pants_80B NPC_5.0Boss Named_Plate Pants NPC_5.0_Medium Instanced Dungeon Equipment_Plate Pants_01 Dazzling Templar Plate Gaiters of Dawn Light Dazzling Gladiator Plate Gaiters of Dawn Light Greaves of the Labyrinth Indigo Phoenix Greaves Library of Eternity Greaves Sacred Greaves of Eternity Cobalt Winged Greaves Patrician's Greaves Infinite Night Greaves Greaves of Adma Adma Greaves Greaves of the Laboratory Laboratory Greaves Akhal's Greaves Akhal's Defensive Greaves Atreia Conqueror's Plate Gaiters Atreia Conqueror's Plate Leg Guards Archdaeva's Restructured Danuar Greaves Archdaeva's Remodeled Danuar Greaves Ancient Defensive Greaves of Life Ancient Greaves of Life Ancient Defensive Greaves of Knowledge Ancient Greaves of Knowledge Sage's Defensive Greaves Sage's Greaves Ancient Defensive Greaves of Destiny Ancient Greaves of Destiny Boundless Plate Gaiters of Oath Boundless Plate Leg Guards of Oath Boundless Plate Gaiters of Glory Boundless Plate Leg Guards of Glory Boundless Plate Gaiters of Honor Boundless Plate Leg Guards of Honor Lunar Light Greaves Lunar Light Nimble Greaves Greaves of the Albicant Aerie Albicant Aerie Greaves Ageless Bold Greaves of Thunder Ageless Greaves of Thunder White Star's Chromatic Greaves White Star's Chromatic Greaves Lunar New Greaves Lunar New Nimble Greaves Greaves of the Hibernal Aerie Hibernal Aerie Greaves Ageless Bold Greaves of Umbra