Command: Lava Protection Battle Banner Effect Battle Banner Effect Staggering Trap Effect Staggering Trap Effect Area Blood Sucking Bellowing Roar Shield of Darkness Movement Speed Increase Movement Speed Reduction Magical Explosion Dark Lord's Blessing Taunting Spirit Taunting Spirit Leg Root Freezing Sphere of Revenge Hide Frozen Slice Frozen Destruction Frozen Slash Frozen Silence Wave Frozen Curse Wave Frozen Shock Wave Frigid Barrage Summon Level 4 Summon Level 3 Summon Level 2 Summon Level 1 Overwhelmed Ereshkigal's Fury Weakening Claw Frostscale Pulse Deadly Blast Strike Frostscale Barrier Draining Fang Flash of Healing Burst of Might Dragon's Might Strike Quick Renewal Mine Spike Frigid Wing Sharp Shot Shocking Shot Booming Shot Strike Brutal Strike Engrave Engraved Explosion Engraved Trigger Devastating Engraved Trigger Cataclysmic Engraved Trigger Rancid Engraved Trigger Frigid Wing Aether Orb Pulsating Orb Flash Blast Slumber Distant Dreams Frostserpent Aura: Resistance Frostserpent Aura: Accuracy Frostserpent Aura: Defense Frostserpent Aura: Speed High-speed Freeze High-speed Freeze Blessing of Ice Soul Conflagration Dispell Ide Aetheric Field Dark Order: Confusion Dark Order: Silence Shadow Order: Curse Shadow Order: Blindness Dark Command Dark Strike Flame Smash Elemental Shock Screaming Stone Flame Outburst Dark Arrow Dominating Power Element Lord's Lance Absolute Order: Destruction High-speed Freeze Magnetic Pull Roar Boost Interpersonal Defense Boost Interpersonal Attack Boost HP Wing Recovery Elemental Explosion Elemental Lordship Beritra's Clout Dark Command Dark Command Dark Blaze Walking the Line Dark Flare Teleport Mana Burst Strengthen Soul Open the Gateway Dimensional Vortex Dark Mist Unstable Fissure Drain Drain Wrathful Strike Stonequake Abyssal Slash Thunderstrike Drain Deathcackle Dimensional Explosion Scorched Earth Master's Command Prime Target Punishing Blow Ice Nova Stone Skin Grave Flame Abyssal Wind Magos' Shield Kaisinel's Light Wrathful Howl Guardian Sanctuary Icon Remove Guardian Sanctuary Icon Guardian Sanctuary Field Signal Flare discharge success Elyos Signal Flare Asmodian Signal Flare Wing Bombing Cheer from Legendary Toy Bear Demented Scream Freezing Sphere of Revenge Broken Morale Magical Explosion Pyroball Pyroblast Flame Torrent Flame Torrent I Volcanic Storm Fireflash Heartwarm Soulfire Spiritblast Soulthief Dissolution