Sataloca's Heart Disappearing Aether Refreshing the Springs Kaidan Prisoner Secrets of the Temple The Shadow's Command Something in the Water Scouting the Scouts A Dangerous Artifact Keeper of the Kaidan Key Balaur Conspiracy Testing Flight Skills Temporary Temporary Temporary The Ruins of Roah Root of the Rot The Klaw Threat Power of the Elim Eternal Rest Lepharist Poison Research Creating a Monster Aether Insanity The Archon of Storms Killing Bollvig [Group] FINAL Indratu Legion Brigadier Indratu Temporary Temporary Temporary Temporary Temporary Temporary Temporary Speaking Balaur Abyss Training Saving Elyos Captives Fragment of Memory 1 New Wings Fragment of Memory 2 Fragment of Memory 3 Temporary Temporary A Request From Atropos Josnack's Dilemma The Calydon Ruins Project Drakanhammer A Past Mission Sword of Transcendence Pearl of Protection An Important Choice Kalio's Call Sleeping on the Job Kerubar Hunt Grain Thieves Report to Polinia The Snuffler Headache Helping Kales The Lost Axe Uno's Ingredients Abandoned Goods A Book for Namus Insomnia Medicine To Fish in Peace Mushroom Thieves The Nymph's Gown The Elim's Message Pernos's Robe Light up the Night Polinia's Ointment A Taste of Namus's Medicine Thinning out Worgs Oz's Prayer Beads Delivering Pernos's Robe Where's Tutty? Avenging Tutty Suspicious Ore Mushroom Research Ancient Cube The Amazing Escape Scouting Timolia Mine Summons to the Citadel Undelivered Armor An Honest Merchant Lobnite Hunt Polluted Fountainhead Guardian Tog Decorative Weapons Ancient Lobnite Fossil A Mother's Worry The Forest Outlaw Abandoned Scarecrow Belbua's Treasure An Unwanted Dagger Nola's Request Pumpkin Season [Gather] Collecting Kukuru Delicate Mandrake Supplies for the Watch Lostes the Braggart Missing Poppy A Father's Letter Belbua is Missing Odella Recipe Feeding Hianu A Special Omelette Retrieving Supplies Stolen Village Seal Gaphyrk's Love Village Seal Found Collecting Poison Sacs Stolen Jewelry [Manastone] New Manastones for Old Alteno's Wedding Ring Arachna Antidote The Potion Maker's Mistake Gift to a Pilgrim Contaminated Samples Pilgrim in Trouble Soporific Mushroom Lightningfoot Tuka Headless Stone Statue An Antidote for Roseino A Foolish Gamble Slaying Slimes Ribbit Blood Poisoned Plumas Kalgolem's Essence Mysterious Stones Swamp Plant Samples Dispelling Ancient Spirits Tribute to the Temple [Group] Culling Krall Ancient Stone Fragment Spirit Of Nature Investigating Wind Spirits Unquiet Spirits The Wriggot Menace [Manastone] Lovely Manastones Message From Morai Potcrab, the Headache Shipwreck Revolutionaries An Urgent Letter Verteron Reinforcements [Group] Krall Conspiracy [Group] Reducing Tursin Strength [Group] Tursin Assassination [Coin] Dampening Spirits