The Writing on the Wall Eninte's Request Eninte A Favor for Gaione [Group] Persistent Krall Wriggot Resurgence Potcrab Pincers A New Skill Collecting Aria Tula's Music Box [Gather] Secret Trade [Spend Coin] Iron (Warrior and Scout) [Gather] Feed a Cold Targena for Titania [Spend Coin] Iron (Mage and Priest) [Gather] A Hungry Abex [Gather] Give and Take [Gather] Can't Please Everyone Conserving the Afari Flotsam Numonerk's Demand Note Lepharist Treasure Box A Secret Delivery Brainwashed Tursin Krall [Manastone Bundle] Union Blues [Manastone Bundle] Union Dues Summons from Anontrite A Coin in Hand Message to Madeline A House Guest Orders from Telemachus [Gather] Aether Powder The Manduri Problem Pluma Attack! Nature's Balance More Manduri Frillnecks Cleansing The Forest Stolen Goods Wily Kundu Manduri's Diary Seeds of Restoration A Germ of Hope Hopeful Delivery Preserving Forest Soil An Elim out of Water Scourge of the Elim Plague of the Elim Revenge of the Elim Kerubian Horns Prorite's Money Kurin Hunt The Elim Tragedy A Leaf From Lodas Lost Jewel Box Confidential Orders Spiner Pincers Killing Crestliches When Statues go Bad Maeki Attack Thirst-Quencher [Coin] Sataloca's Heartbeat [Spend Coin] Bronze (Warrior and Scout) [Spend Coin] Bronze (Warrior And Scout) Acheron Drake Research Fire Sword Support for the Desert Scouts Scouting for Demokritos A Package For Crios Scout Leader's Request The Scolopen Sting Basilisk Purge Trinkets for Children Killer Ksellids Speedy Reporting to Castor Bearer of Bad News Killing for Castor Raiding Klaw Seeking the Seekers The Klaws' Secret [Coin] Desert Dangers [Group] Earning Marana's Respect [Group] Siren Song Eating Better Practical Aerobatics The Fire Temple Key A Gift for Acteon Interfering Skyrays Spring Water Essence A Pain in the Nyerk A Favor for Brirunyerk Finding Drinking Water Mother's Keepsake Thanking Mabangtah Journey to Agairon Mabangtah's First Test Mabangtah's Second Test Mabangtah's Feast A Secret Recipe Mabangtah's Message [Group] Betrayal of Isson Flowers for Isson Food For Agairon Village Water Therapy Warning to Laquepin Arming the Watch A Mountain of Trouble [Coin] Kerubs in Kuriullu Supplies for Hylas Drake Hunt Drakie Hunt Armor for Pilgrims Gimme Shelter Griffon's Threat Fire Feather Rescuing Griffo Sentinel Viragos Corpse-Hunting Viragos Shumerurk's Trade Suspicious Pretors Delivery to the Lyceum RM-12b A Mysterious Crystal New Flight Path Reporting the New Flight Path A Wrench in the Works Pressing the Advantage Lepharists Amok [Spend Coin] Silver (Warrior and Scout) [Spend Coin] Silver (Mage and Priest) Paion's Worry A Lie Begets a Lie Specialty Hides Heart of the Mamut A Head Start on Hylas Crystals for Hylas Tigrics of Ill Omen Encountering Akeras Trespassers at the Observatory Mamaki Patrol Tumblusen's Call [Group] The Kaidan Surge A Dangerous Potion Infiltrate the Kaidan [Group] Operation Windmill [Group] Reducing Kaidan Strength [Group] Defeating Saendukal The Kaidan Report [Coin] Fortress Beasts