Trespassers at the Observatory The Frillneck Threat A Better Sword Expert Advice [Group] Raiding The Raiders [Group] Odium Marks [Group] Killing Kaidan Guards Cleansing The Forest [Spend Coin] Bronze (Mage and Priest) [Spend Coin] Silver or Bronze (Mage and Priest) A Teleportation Experiment [Gather] The River Predators [Gather] Stalking the Wily Lapia [Gather] Girrinerk's Potions [Gather] Medicinal Roots [Gather] The Price of Titanium [Gather] Desert Fess [Gather] Worth Your Weight in Gold [Manastone] One for Three [Gather] The Strongest Spear [Gather] First Aid [Gather] The Vital Ingredient [Manastone] Better for Worse [Gather] Untouchable Aether Crystals [Gather] Combat Preparation Delivery For Vulcanus [Gather] Like Mother Used to Make [Gather] A Tender Concern Mace Making Materials Letter to Ophelos [Gather] Ore for Hannet Delivery for Hannet Doubtful Characters The Garnet Earrings [Gather] Arkel's Signpost [Gather] A Daeva's Reputation [Gather] Garnets for Krato [Gather] Magical Shugo Grass [Gather] A Daeva's Reputation (II) [Gather] Krato Needs Lazuli A Strange Turn of Phrase Plant Poison Antidote [Spy] Celestine's Antidote [Spy] Message to a Spy [Spy/Gather] A Gift of Love [Spy] That Old Elyos Spirit [Spy] Respect For Deltras The Four Leaders Hannet's Lost Love [Group] Search for Denlavis [Group] Hannet's Revenge Fake Stigma [Spy] Ganimerk's Espionage [Spy/Group] Tayga, Bane of Shugos [Group] Blood Feud Bait and Switch Violent Frillneck The Manduri Polluters A Feast for Phomona Helping Memnes Kerubian Weapons Troll Hammers [Spy] A Teleportation Adventure Harumonerk's Request Chiyorinrinerk's Request Dirty Chindu A Treat For Adelphie Balaur Bones Three Kurin Brothers Marfonda of Darkness A Lepharist Box [Group] Korumonerk in Danger [Group] The Lost Glove Box [Group] Korumonerk's Pauldrons [Group] Korumonerk's Worry [Group] Korumonerk's Backpack Enemy in the Kaidan Mine Enemy Miner Prestart Temporary Orders From Perento Eliminating Ettins Resha's Special Stew A Lost Memento A Message to Sakmis Tenacious Ibelia [Coin] Ettin Jerky Vaizel Worg Hunt [Spend Coin] Gold or Silver (Warrior/Scout) [Spend Coin] Gold or Silver (Mage/Priest) [Group] Insufficient Funds Troublesome Ettin Stolen Relic Suspicious Spice Pot The Ettin's Necklace Supporting Heiron Observatory Going For a Curry [Group] Negating Nagas [Group] Demoralizing Drakan [Manastone] Atera's Exchange [Manastone] Atera's Trade Killing Kerubiels Kerubiels on the Move Basilisk is Best Clodworm is Close Enough Agrint Aggro Peel Me a Rotron Rotten Rotrons Strange Leather Returned Tartaron Residents Sample Skulls Late of Heiron Undead Trinkets Remembering Firescar Clodworm Vindicated The Cold, Cold Ground Stench on the Road Fish on the Line Angling Advice Ben's Special Bait Bait the Hooks Frillneck Fluid Outlaw of the Jungle Laupede Antidote Sillen's Spirit Samples Collecting the Essence of Earth Stopping the Spread of Klaw Contemplating Klaw Hearts Klaw Control [Group] King Klawtan [Spy] Alukina's Palace Gluttonous Manduris Frillneck Arrowheads [Spy/Group] Mirror, Mirror [Spy/Group] The Seiren's Fin Delivery to Arbolu's Haven Which Came First? The Klaw Problem Kill Those Frillnecks What's in the Box? A Job for Pobinerk The Miser's Map Crossed Destiny The Legend of Vindachinerk Jaiorunerk's Diary Banshee Farming A Bone to Pick [Coin] Deathsong Corruption [Spend Coin] 36Lv. Warrior, Scout