Kagorinerk's Gift Soul Essence Turbulent Mist Spirits Turbulent Splash Spirits Rebuilding the Pillar An Important Announcement The Tayga Threat Reconstruction Supplies Failure to Report A Sneaky Delivery Shugo Potion The Sting of Poison A Lost Sword A Trustworthy Messenger A Monster in a Box Urnir's Reasoning Neifenmer's Reasoning Creating a Delay Aurtri's Letter The Lost Cube Emergency Rations Black Claw Baton [Gather] A Change of Diet [Gather] Branching out Further [Group] A Lucrative Endeavor A Secret Proposal Solid Proof [Group] Killing the Shamans [Group] Finishing off Fighters [Group] Killing Kumbaron's Followers Report to Pandaemonium Escaping Asmodae Leinolz's Request The Brigade General's Order Order to Valurion Money Where Your Mouth Is Rampaging Mosbears Groken's Escape Report to Garuntat Making a New Start [Coin] Mutated Spirits [Spend Coin] Iron (Warrior and Scout) [Spend Coin] Iron (Mage and Priest) A Bill Found in a Box [Gather] Disgruntled Workers [Manastone] Lakutu's Exchange [Manastone] Lakutu's Trade Morheim Commander's Call [Gather] Teleporter Troubles Frenai's Lost Jewelry Daeva, Where's My Herb? Active Discouragement The Claw of the Tayga Orders From the Fortress Irresistible Soup Outfighting Arachnas Strange Mushrooms A Sorrowful Message Disease Carriers Sylphen Pollution Why the Fish Aren't Biting A Seafood Feast [Spend Coin] Bronze (Warrior and Scout) Vivi's Book [Coin] Nip Spriggs in the Bud [Coin] Foes of the Fortress Keindor's Message Reclaiming History [Spy] The Spirit's Letter [Coin] Clearing the Way Creepy Crawlies The Spirit's Notebook An Unfinished Mystery Wasting the Watch Octanu's Lair Millennium Eka Arachna Egg Orders for Randet A Distasteful Duty Meaty Treats A Ribbit out of Water A New Recipe [Spend Coin] Bronze (Warrior And Scout) [Spend Coin] Silver or Bronze (Mage and Priest) [Spend Coin] Bronze (Mage and Priest) [Manastone] A Decent Offer [Manastone] A Bothersome Task The Munmun's Ginseng [Group] Weakening the Iceclaws [Group] An Ice Claw Raid Ancient Ginseng Destroying the Mau Flag Orashunerk's Special Order [Group] Odella Rope Temporary Temporary Temporary Temporary Swiftness for Hunters Courage for Hunters [Group] Legendary Amethysts [Group] Kimssi's Wish [Group] Seeking the Spotlight Spiner Stones Nosy Barghests Obscured Vision Oculazen Irises A Foul Stench Elim Fruit The Agrint's Wish Peace at the Last The Agrint's Message Putting out Fires Destroyer Hamitemon A Prized Possession A Quota of Creatures [Group] Barosunerk's Grand Plan The Bottom of the Temple [Group] Kalgolem Crystals Immortal Love [Group] An Ancient Weapon [Group] Re-sanctifying the Temple [Group] All Nyerk and No Play [Group] Sarinerk's Safety [Group] A Curse-Breaking Clue [Group] Secret of the Flame Stones [Group] Anund's Worry [Group] Besting the Bodyguards Harvesting Tripeed Tripeed Monster Combat Preparation [Group] A Missing Bandage Worgs at the Door Skinning Spriggs A Little Extra Cash Stopping the Klaw Expansion Crop Stompers The Tripeed Thief Rynoce Horn Beautiful Feather The Love of a Father A Dying Wish Report to the Observatory [Spend Coin] Silver (Warrior/Scout) [Spend Coin] Silver (Mage/Priest) [Coin] Protecting Tripeed Leader Of The Pack Angreboda Returns a Favor Poisoned Weapons