Stubborn by Nature Impressing Letum [Group] Taking Back the Hot Springs [Group] Striking the Elite [Group] Blueprints for Assassination The Klaw Headache Propaganda [Coin] Thinning the Ranks Earth Spirit? Water Spirit? Elemental Stone of Earth Elemental Stone of Water Hreidmar the Furious Trolls on the Path Abex on a Stick Abex Kebabs For The Soul A Gentle Reminder Lepharist Ointment Temporary Asgeirr's Request [Spy] Liquor that Makes You Vanish [Spy] There And Back Again Greeting to an Alchemist Fulfilled Promise Scouting the Lab Recovering Research Material The Absolutely Essential Book Keeping Warm Secret Information Beneficial Poison Chase of the Mist Mane Mau Emissary to Altgard [Group] Revenge is Sweet The Blue Vine Necklace Looking for BuBu Pat Father's Revenge Quieting the Karnifs [Group] Never to Rise Again The Secret Ingredient Who's the Worst? [Group] Taisan's Request Taisan's Message Death to the Shadow Warrior The Good, the Bad and the Elim [Group] The Nunu Fertilizer [Group] Chaomirk's Request Chaomirk Sends for Help Extricating Chaomirk Temporary [Gather] Titanium Tribute Shoot That Poison Arrow [Gather] Firewood for Cooking [Gather] Fastvi's Request [Gather] Sora's Energy Booster [Gather] Hungry Philosopher [Gather] Lif's Agony Roast Gadill for a Friend [Gather] Vivi's Secret Request [Gather] Ravenous Philosopher [Gather] Medea's Illness [Gather] Urgent Care [Group] Ananta's Plan [Group] A Step to Revenge [Gather] Kimssi's Dream [Gather] A New Hairpin [Gather] The Best Hairpin [Gather] Balom's Wages [Gather] Thirteen Pieces of Ore [Gather] A Fragrant Tree [Group] Legendary Armor [Gather] Cabon's Request [Gather] An Odrous Herb [Gather] A Special Friendship [Gather] Hungry BuBu Kong A Picky Eater A Dish For Dukar [Spy] Ingredients For Sausage Reaching Out [Spy] Elim of Elysea [Spy] Curious Behavior Caryatid of Abyss [Spy] Homecoming of the Soul [Spy] Our Man in Elysea [Spy/Group] Killing Mabangtah A Strange Creature [Spy] Researching the Pretor Pretors in Beluslan [Group] Missssst Mane Mayhem [Group] Incredulous Nuaka [Group] Ungrateful Muhamurru Bolverk's Secret Request Bringing up Tayga Three Treasures Sprigg Nightlights The Flower of Wisdom Good Tools After Bad The Sodden Scroll Aion Fragment's Tower Orders From Nerita Falling Fragments Monitor Glue The Fragment Hazard Only for Her Let Cooking Experts Cook The Outlaw of Black Plains Nerita's Encouragement Shugo Grass Gigrite's Drakie Problem Vanished Quest Ambitions for Success Food for Remote Places The Strange Cottage The Red Mane Report Leanor's Errand [Coin] Beluslan Pest Hunt [Spend Coin] Warrior/Scout [Spend Coin] Mage/Priest [Manastone] Cadoc's Exchange [Manastone] Cadoc's Trade Gigrite's Secret Decreasing Drakies Grass for the Grave Robbers The Mosbear Frenzy The Mosbear Trophy A Grateful Sentinel The Starving Sprigg Snowfield Beasts Mutant Earth Spirits Hunting the Undead Containing the Poison A Poison Container Beritra's Curse A Fortunate Medicine Some of My Best Friends Offering Business to Grave Robbers [Group] Freki's Request Curse of the Were-Ribbit Tryst of the Shadow Granker for Gark Ore-Eating Wriggots Pure Malek Mahisha's Heart Ice Tail Kirrins Deformed Malek A Gift in Return Barosunerk's New Business Repaying the Debt A Gift For Amma Revenge of the Displaced Mist Valley Temple