The Brigade General's Call Malek Nuggets [Group] Supervisor Yotunmork Finding Stua [Group] An Expensive Spellbook [Group] Stua's Reinforcements [Group] Malek Transport Plan [Coin] Combat Miners Frozen Ghosts Furs For Warmth The Frozen Orb With the Power of Flame Good for Frostbite The Roar of the Ettins Why Etun Can't Meditate Misdirected Letter Tafi's Flame Scroll Malek Drakes and Drakies Delivering Medical Supplies To Build a Fire Undead Wildlife Let No Tether Remain The Nervous Sentry A Fearsome Forest Benyar's Request A Ring for Luck When I Seafood, I Eat It The Lighthouse Ghost Brilliant Kernel of the Night Safe Harbor A Polite Request The Starturtle and the Sprigg Priceless Coral [Group] Dangerous Sea Creature [Group] Rubelik's Request [Group] The Elixir of Life [Coin] Ghosts of Anair Harbor [Coin] Safety of the Village [Spend Coin] Gold (Warrior/Scout 41) [Spend Coin] Gold (Mage/Priest 41) Wandering Souls A Procession of the Dead Crisis of Reyrinirerk [Group] Power Shard Materials [Group] Carapaces for Armor Temporary A Preventive Measure Humongous Malek [Group] Pollution in the Palace Blue Pearls Temporary Temporary The House on the Cliff A Ribbit in Need Silencing the Hermit Halt the Contamination Temporary Temporary Consulting the Leaders A Tonic for Nargatal Devoted Husband Akagitan Decorative Skulls Assuming Con-Troll Eradication Pa-Troll Mamut's Bones Freyja's Desire Hoarfrost Diplomacy Summoning Phagrasul A Family Letter Hunting the Hunters Feast Fit for a Skurv Before the Stew Gets Cold Bring Me Down Red Mane Tribe's Secret Remedy Spirit's Tears Restive Spirits Once a Friend, Now an Enemy The Dutiful Spy [Group] Jaadis's Bioweapon [Group] Get 'Em Young [Group] Destroying Balaur Weapons [Group] The Draupnir Redemption Bakarma Barracks [Spend Coin] Gold (Warrior/Scout 46) [Spend Coin] Gold (Mage/Priest 46) Hoarfrost's Hunt Divided They Fall I'm a Skurv--Get Me Out of Here! Powwow With the Mau Supplies for the Survivors Mau's Lament Hoarfrost Tribe's Enemy Hoarfrost Tribe's Symbol The Inscrutable Stranger Belated Regret Drakes and their Breeders Recovering the Keepsake Balaur Assassin [Spy] A Friend's Whereabouts [Spy] Medicine for Nesteto [Spy] Finding Bollvig [Spy] The Last Persuasion [Spy] Reaper Squad Squish [Spy] Letter to a Friend [Group] Materials for All Magic Wards [Spy/Group] No Reinforcements [Spy/Group] Clear the Way [Spy/Group] Open the Path An Unobtrusive Journey [Group] Dead Men Tell No Tales Acquiring an Antidote An Antidote to the Lepharists [Group] Closing the Gate [Group] Replacing Orders Strahein's Letter [Group] Saving Atla [Group] Atla's Escape The Ancient Book Decimating Bakarma Legion A Careful Eggs-amination [Spy/Group] Getting Through Indratu Dangerous Drake [Group] Balaur Weapons Loud Nagas and Nagarants [Group] Making a Small Flame Ward [Group] Making a Huge Flame Ward [Group] Making a Blue Flame Ward [Gather] Amma's Birthstone [Gather] Cure for Stomach Pain [Gather] Comfort Food [Gather] Wishing on the Moon [Gather] Zeller Soup [Gather] Drinking for Two [Gather] Carpe Carpen [Gather] Craving for Almeha [Gather] Divine Asvata Log [Gather] Fruit of Solace [Spy] Reliable Report [Spy] A Spy's Advice Broken Music Box [Spy/Group] Krall Gone Mad [Spy] Looking for Strange Aether Atla Rescue Report [Spy/Group] The Enemy of My Enemy [Group] Contacting Strahein [Group] Reviving Strahein [Group] A Mysterious Book Temporary The Governor's Summons