Defeat 8th Rank Elyos Soldiers Defeat 7th Rank Elyos Soldiers Defeat 6th Rank Elyos Soldiers Defeat 5th Rank Elyos Soldiers Defeat 4th Rank Elyos Soldiers Defeat 3rd Rank Elyos Soldiers Defeat 2nd Rank Elyos Soldiers Defeat 1st Rank Elyos Soldiers [Spend Coin] Gold/Silver (Warrior/Scout) [Spend Coin] Gold/Silver (Mage/Priest) [Spend Coin] Silver (Warrior/Scout) [Spend Coin] Silver (Mage/Priest) [Coin] Eliminating the Flame Tribe [Coin] Bloodburn Klaw Silver for the Fountain Trading Down [Group] Challenge Elyos Officers [Group] Challenge Elyos Generals Meeting with the Brigade General The Comforts of Home Temporary Missing In Action Gone Native Staking a Claim Transparent Motives [Group] Killing Ladacus Mokkurkalfi's Supplies Slaughter the Draconutes Recovered Documents Temporary Gems From the Vortex Aether, Aether, Burning Bright Temporary [Alliance] Base Gatekeepers [Alliance] Turning the Tide [Alliance] Top Gatekeepers [Alliance] Reshanta's Hero Temporary Eerie Undead Disrupting the Guardians Fallen Warrior Crystal Blue Persuasion Have Fun Storming the Tower [Group] Defeat the Eastern Garrison Don't Fear the Reapers Decimating the Gray Wind Legion [Group] Defeat the Western Garrison Supporting the Red Hasia Legion Lumping It Picking Crimson Irises Neutralizing the Draconutes Reductions in Staff Helping a Rescue Mission How to Beat Fried Worms An Elim in Exile Carry the Flame Tenacious Guardian [Group] Recovering Souvenirs Rich Man, Ore Man Vindachinerk's Pupils Minonerk's Heart Avenging the Family Fragments for a Necklace Buckles Under Pressure A Fruitful Partnership Temporary Thwart the Elyos Sabotage [Group] Preemptive Strike [Coin] Putting the Past to Rest Treasure of the Ancient City Signed, Sealed, Delivered Seeking the Crystals Smashing the Stones Delivering Research Results Temporary Temporary Hair Apparent [Group] Defeat the Roah Garrison Klaws for Concern It's always Moinn, Moinn, Moinn Petralith's Cores Wipe out the Guardians [Group] Defeat the Krotan Garrison Bloody Flame Spirit Murderous Naga and Nagarant Drake Leather Cloak and Dagger [Group] Defeat the Kysis Garrison Fireproof Swords Something Unfamiliar Dredgion Salvage Crestfallen in Defeat [Group] Defeat the Miren Garrison Crystal Recovery Balaur Bones Sign on the Dotted Line Temporary Temporary [Group] Seize Siel East Fortress [Group] Attack Siel East Elites [Group] Seize Siel West Fortress [Group] Attack Siel West Elites [Group] Seize Sulfur Fortress [Group] Attack Sulfur Elites [Group] Seize Asteria Fortress [Group] Attack Asteria Elites [Group] Seize Roah Fortress [Group] Attack Roah Elites [Group] Seize Krotan Refuge [Group] Attack Krotan Elites [Group] Seize Kysis Fortress [Group] Attack Kysis Elites [Group] Seize Miren Fortress [Group] Attack Miren Elites A Ghost Hosts Temporary Mind the Sap Medicinal Purposes Dangerous Statue Deformed Weapon Ravenous Hearts Protect the Weapons Core Competency Muelina's Forgetfulness [Craft] Tigraki Weaponsmithing [Craft] Tigraki Armorsmithing [Craft] Tigraki Handicrafting [Craft] Tigraki Cooking [Craft] Tigraki Alchemy [Craft] Tigraki Tailoring Vindachinerk's Offer [Relic Reward] Ancient Icon [Relic Reward] Ancient Seal [Relic Reward] Ancient Goblet [Relic Reward] Ancient Crown Balaur in the Sulfur Tree Nest Threat of the Left Wing Chamber Right Wing Raid Cleansing the Asteria Chamber Balaur in the Undirborg Operation: Annihilate Simple but Difficult Take out the Trash The Red Matter It's All Balaur to Me Whispering Stigma The Balaur Enigmas [Weekly/Group] Officer Obliteration [Weekly/Group] General Massacre