Temporary Temporary Eliminating the Krotan Guardian General Eliminating the Kysis Guardian General Eliminate Miren Guardian General [Group] Attack the Krotan Guardians [Group] Attack the Krotan Garrison [Group] Attack the Kysis Guardians [Group] Attack the Kysis Garrison [Group] Attack the Miren Guardians [Group] Attack the Miren Garrison [Group] Krotan Assault [Group] Kysis Assault [Group] Miren Assault Temporary Surveying Sullenscale Rive Temporary Temporary Getting to the Landing [Urgent Order/Daily] Elyos in the Sulfur Archipelago [Urgent Order/Daily] Dim the Western Light [Urgent Order/Daily] Dim the Eastern Light [Urgent Order/Daily] Snuff Out Sullenscale Rive Votan's Urgent Orders 9th Rank Elyos 8th Rank Elyos 7th Rank Elyos 6th Rank Elyos 5th Rank Elyos 4th Rank Elyos 3rd Rank Elyos 2nd Rank Elyos 1st Rank Elyos Eliminate Elysean Officers Eliminate Elysean Generals Trade Goods Needed The Coin Fountain Temporary Temporary Temporary Temporary Temporary Temporary Temporary Temporary Temporary Temporary [Learn Stigma] Ascending Stigma Skill Dispatch to Altgard Dispatch to Altgard Dispatch to Altgard Dispatch to Altgard [Craft] Elgar's Mistake [Craft] Ingots for Armor [Craft] Cooking Commitment [Craft] The Governor's Chair [Craft] The Basics of Alchemy [Craft] Wasted Materials Song of Blessing Follow the Ribbon A Chain of Debt A Token of Lost Love Helping Apellbine Man in the Long Black Robe Arekedil's Heritage Deep Maternal Love Book of Oblivion Elementary, My Dear Daeva Love at First Sight Fascinating Gift A Rose Will Bloom Siel's Tears A Heartfelt Confession Heart in Love [Spy/Group] A Many-Splendored Ring Power of Love Welcome to the Temple of Artisans Temporary Temples [Expert] Weaponsmithing Expert [Expert] Armorsmithing Expert [Expert] Handicrafting Expert [Expert] Cooking Expert [Expert] Alchemy Expert [Expert] Tailoring Expert Unexpected Reward Secret Library Access Weapon for Fraiban Kinterun's Package Salix Staff Handle Fried Chikra Homebody Honir Cloth for Bacht Honing Your Skills Abyss General Knowledge Following Through Huron's Letter Just Dye, Already Materials for 100-slot Cube Looking for Garkbinerk Winning Vindachinerk's Favor Delivering Supply Request Delivering Odella Juice A Feast for a Son Preparing the Banquet Flowers for the Banquet Last Minute Worries You Never Call, You Never Write Peace Offering A Secret Request Jafnhar's Whereabouts On Behalf of a Friend Striking at Shadows Ancient Weapons A Sword Gone Astray A Helmet Gone Astray A Staff Gone Astray Combat Rations Combat Potions A Robe Gone Astray [Expert] Weaponsmith's Test [Expert] Weaponsmith's Final Exam [Expert] Armorsmith's Test [Expert] Armorsmith's Final Exam [Expert] Handicrafter's Test [Expert] Handicrafter's Final Exam [Expert] Cook's Test [Expert] Cook's Final Exam [Expert] Alchemist's Test [Expert] Alchemist's Final Exam [Expert] Tailor's Test [Expert] Tailor's Final Exam Ingredients for Dye An Expert's Reward Daevanion Weapon Daevanion Weapon The Wise in Disguise Ceremony of the Wise Making the Daevanion Weapon Obtaining Daevanion Armor Daevanion Weapon Another Beginning A New Choice Another Beginning A New Choice Daevanion Ceremony Daevanion Ceremony Daevanion Ceremony Unearthing the Truth Kerubar Interference