Persistence and Luck Loyalty [Expert] Zest for Weaponsmithing [Expert] Weaponsmith's Craft [Expert] Expert Weaponsmith [Expert] Zest for Armorsmithing [Expert] Armorsmith's Craft [Expert] Expert Armorsmith [Expert] Zest for Handicrafting [Expert] Handicrafter's Craft [Expert] Expert Handicrafter [Expert] Zest for Cooking [Expert] Cook's Craft [Expert] Expert Cook [Expert] Zest for Alchemy [Expert] Alchemist's Craft [Expert] Expert Alchemist [Expert] Zest for Tailoring [Expert] Tailor's Craft [Expert] Expert Tailor Epilogue Goodwill of Kuruminerk [Growth] Flora's First Charm [Growth] Flora's Second Charm [Growth] Flora's Third Charm [Growth] Flora's Fourth Charm To the Galleria of Grandeur Salute! A New Uniform Andu's Dye Box Palentine's Request Sexiest Man Alive Kinah-Digging Daughter What Did You Buy Me? The Go-Between Love's Messenger Love Suicide Koruchinerk's Offer Legionary Letters [Coin/Group] Expunge the Drana Fed [Coin] Golden Eye Gambit [Coin/Group] Steel Rake Rumpus [Dungeon/Coin/Group] Shatter the Balaur Creations [Dungeon/Daily/Group] Search the Anuhart Legion Base Check on the Settlers Samples for Study The Fields are Infested The Seeds of Hope Scarecrow's Request Frightcorn-ucopia Clearing the Fields Plague-spreading Porgus Pollution Solution If I Only Had a Master An Old Settler's Letter Troublesome Promise Obstacle to Cultivation [Group] The Lingering Ghost The Missing Laborers The Elyos of Brusthonin [Group] The Ikelus Manhunt Scared of Undeads Everyone Has a Secret Parica's Special Order Temporary Temporary Temporary Temporary Temporary Temporary Temporary Temporary Temporary Temporary Carnivores Run Amok Mission of the Reaper Squad A Bloom in Brusthonin Baltasar's Wish Forest Decon Heirnir Wants to Rest Something For Heirnir Alas, Poor Groznak Elim's Goodwill The Alpha Alitaur Retrieving the Contaminated Seeds Message in a Bottle Wrath of Sahnu Lost Gift Ginseng Gone Wild BuBu Mep's Wedding Preparation A Thing for Ginseng I Hate Brohum For the BuBu Tribe Brohum's Ornamental Bow Bukmir's Worry Bukmir's Old Friend Glossy Hoe Horn of Purification Jackdaw's Request Captain's Hat Lost Compass Petrahulk: Smash! Contamination Sample The Zombie's Descendant [Coin] Soul Purification [Coin] For the Future Settlers [Coin] Mopping up the Brohum [Spend Coin] Platinum (Warrior 46) [Spend Coin] Platinum (Mage 46) [Spend Coin] Platinum (Scout 46) [Spend Coin] Platinum (Priest 46) [Spend Coin] Platinum (Warrior 48) [Spend Coin] Platinum (Mage 48) [Spend Coin] Platinum (Scout 48) [Spend Coin] Platinum (Priest 48) [Manastone] Manastone Research [Manastone] Manastone Recycling [Spend Coin] Gain or Lose Southern Region Status Report Plant for Filling Porgus Roundup A Light Through the Trees Unforgivable Balaur Wandering Undead Unusual Ingredients Gathering the Herb Pouches Those Pesky Mosks A Bribe for the Chieftain I Wanna Pecku The Bribed Chieftain No Ordinary Branch Jackdaw's Liquor Lobnites on the Half-Shell Return to Aether's Flow A Family's Memento Lukmann's Justice The Unforgivable One Adma's Trove Imowen's Request Cleansing the Water For Virhu [Spy] A True Rest Abandoned Mithril Warehouse Keeper's Greed Elim of Brusthonin Incessant Pain Big Mother Sauramam Elim's Smile Banes's Epochal Work They're Bugging Me