Pants of the Miragent Holy Knights Jacket of the Miragent Holy Knights Aiding General Giscours Support Redemption Landing Reinforce Redemption Landing [Weekly] Collect Intact Hitonium [Weekly] Collect Shattered Hitonium [Weekly] Collect Broken Hitonium [Weekly] Defeat the Ereshkigal Legion [Weekly] Defeat the Beritra Legion in the Ruins of Roah [Weekly] Defeat the Beritra Legion in Asteria [League] Defeat Terracrusher [League] Defeat Wurg the Glacier [Group] Protect the Ruins of Roah [Group] Protect Bloodburn Reach [Group] Protect Lake Asteria [Weekly] Protect Rattlefrost Outpost [Weekly] Protect Sliversleet Outpost [Weekly] Protect Coldforge Outpost [Weekly] Protect Shimmerfrost Outpost [Weekly] Protect Icehowl Outpost [Weekly] Protect Chillhaunt Outpost [Weekly] Protect Wildersage Artifact Outpost [Weekly] Protect Dauntless Artifact Outpost [Weekly] Protect Anchorbrak Artifact Outpost [Weekly] Protect Brokenblade Artifact Outpost [Weekly] Protect Sootguzzle Outpost [Weekly] Protect Flameruin Outpost [Weekly] Protect Stokebellow Outpost [Weekly] Protect Blazerack Outpost [Weekly] Protect Smoldergeist Outpost [Weekly] Protect Moltenspike Outpost [Weekly] Shield Rattlefrost Outpost [Weekly] Shield Silversleet Outpost [Weekly] Shield Coldforge Outpost [Weekly] Shield Shimmerfrost Outpost [Weekly] Shield Icehowl Outpost [Weekly] Shield Chillhaunt Outpost [Weekly] Shield Wildersage Artifact Outpost [Weekly] Shield Dauntless Artifact Outpost [Weekly] Shield Anchorbrak Artifact Outpost [Weekly] Shield Brokenblade Artifact Outpost [Weekly] Shield Sootguzzle Outpost [Weekly] Shield Flameruin Outpost [Weekly] Shield Stokebellow Outpost [Weekly] Shield Blazerack Outpost [Weekly] Shield Smoldergeist Outpost [Weekly] Shield Moltenspike Outpost [Urgent Order] Segla's Request [Urgent Order] Rojanggas' Request [Urgent Order] Raska's Request [Urgent Order] Billaran's Request [Urgent Order] Mongros' Request [Urgent Order] Bokaiyu's Request [Urgent Order] Kodesnel's Request [Urgent Order] Dupor's Request [Urgent Order] Raros' Request The Krotan Spirit's Necklace The Guardian Spirit of Krotan [Urgent Order] Recapturing Krotan Fortress The Miren Spirit's Necklace The Guardian Spirit of Miren [Urgent Order] Recapturing Miren Fortress The Kysis Spirit's Necklace The Guardian Spirit of Kysis [Urgent Order] Will of Recapturing Kysis Fortress [Urgent Order/Daily] Protect Redemption Landing [Urgent Order/Daily] Attack on Harbinger's Landing [Urgent Order] Protect the Upper Abyss Unirunerk's Tempting Proposal Uirunerk's Tempting Proposal [Landing Level 2/Weekly] Setting up the Outposts [Landing Level 2/Weekly] Scaling up for the Outposts [Landing Level 2/Weekly] Artifact Base Foundations [Landing Level 2/Weekly] Ruins of Roah Occupation [Landing Level 2/Weekly] Occupiers Groundwork [Landing Level 4/Weekly] Enhance Base Accessibility [Landing Level 4/Weekly] Improve Base Accessibility [Landing Level 6/Weekly] Halting the Cold [Landing Level 6/Weekly] Crystalline Hunt [Landing Level 8/Weekly] Clearing a Path Redeemer's Wing Legion Gift [Daily] Protect the Ancient Sanctum of Light [Spy] Expedition to Asmodae [Daily] Eternal Shard of Light [Daily] Protect the Garden of Pale Light [Spy] A Tourist in Norsvold [Daily] Destroy the Archon's Traps [Daily] Protect the Valley of the Lost [Spy] Infiltrate Featherfern Jungle [Daily] The Dead Tell No Tales [Daily] Protect the Coast of the Light-Deprived [Spy] Behind Enemy Lines [Daily] Materials for Sorcery [Daily] Protect the Polten Marsh [Spy] Thinning out the Herd [Daily] Wild Aether Plant [Daily] Protect Black Wind Valley [Infiltration/Group] Scout Kalidag Canyon [Daily] Owllau Totem [Daily] Protect the Serene Forest of Spirits [Spy] Scout the Aetheric Gales [Daily] Rescue the Tunes of Splendor Scout [Daily] Protect the Forest of Dormant Life [Infiltration] Scout the Azurelight Forest [Daily] Records of Giant Weapon [Daily] Protect the Ancient Temple of Life [Spy] Scout the Echoes of the Past [Daily] Retrieve the Broken Power Core [Daily] Protect the Plateau of Zephyr [Spy] Aetherspring Tree [Daily] The One Who Rules the Sky [Group/Daily] Protect the Krall Aether Mine [Infiltration/Group] Scout out the Black Mane Mountains [Group/Daily] Aether Ore of Beginnings [Daily] Protect Red Mushroom Valley [Spy] Scout Nightbloom Forest [Daily] Mysterious Blue Mushroom [Group/Daily] Protect Tarha Krall Village [Spy/Group] Scout Zenzen Tribal Grounds [Group/Daily] Mumuki Weapons Orpheus's Exceptional Design [Learn Crafting] Discovery of a New Technology Using Coalescence [Learn Minion] Precious Ally Minion [Daily] Leona's Favor Congratulations! Iluma Field Guide Giddyup Starturtle Surfing the Ancient Well Ride an Iluman Butterfly A Rickety Ride [Weekly/Group] Archon's Shadow Scout [Weekly/Force] Approaching Threat [Weekly/Force] Shadow over Iluma [Weekly] Broken Archon Medals [Weekly/Union] Archon's Shadow Combat Frigate [Urgent Order] Save Ariel's Sanctuary [Spy/Weekly] Warship to Norsvold [Weekly] Klaw Hunting in the Dark [Weekly] The Ghosts of Nephilim Graveyard [Weekly] The Monsters of Polten Marsh [Weekly] Daylight Raiders [Weekly] Night Maneuver [Weekly] Fungus Among Us [Weekly] Reanimated Relics [Weekly] Aether Fury [Weekly] When the Krall Sleeps [Weekly] Clodworm Conundrum