Egg on Your Face [Group] Freedom to Kill [Group] Countdown to Extinction Intricacies of Fate [Group] Pill For What Ails Ya Sealed With the Truth Reaching Out to the Past Tipping the Scales [Group] Eye of the Sword The Enchanted Sword [Group] Eye of the Dagger The Enchanted Dagger [Group] Eye of the Mace The Enchanted Mace [Group] Eye of the Orb The Enchanted Orb [Group] Eye of the Spellbook The Enchanted Spellbook [Group] Eye of the Greatsword The Enchanted Greatsword [Group] Eye of the Polearm The Enchanted Polearm [Group] Eye of the Staff The Enchanted Staff [Group] Eye of the Bow The Enchanted Bow [Group] A Bloody Upgrade An Oomph [Group] A Weapon's Potential An Extra Boost [Group] Draw Out the Power Proove the Power [Group] Potential of Weapon A True Potential Where did Abiso Go? Test Bomb, Test Bomb Urgent Deed: Get the Seed It's Alive? A Versed Order [Daily/Coin] Import the Report Not So Fast, Nasto Info from Abiso [Instance] Steal from the Stealers [Housing] The Living Is Easy [Housing] Heart of Rock [Housing] And A Home for Every Daeva Design Star My House For An Update Going Thrifting [Learn Housing] Broken-hearted Pesaryus [Learn Housing] Joy of Looking After a Guestbloom Foolproof Packaging Daeva on the Ride Taltaros' Proxy The Real Thing Pink Is the Color Exquisite Shugo Reproduction Sprigg Up The House A Spirerinerk Original And the Leaves That Are Green Gauon's Fiery Flowers [Daily] Extract One, Pearl Two [Daily] It Came From The Sky [Daily] Gardener's Delight [Daily] Almost Forgot My Blessings Decorative Letters Wall Letters Hanging Letters Painted Letters [Daily] Today's Find [Housing] Unlock The Future [Housing] User Friendly? [Housing] Furnishing The Emptiness [Housing] Moving In [Housing] Nothing Wrong With Free [Housing] Imagining A Quiet Life [Daily] Leafy Cutting [Daily] Compost Pick-Up [Daily] Stem Cutting [Daily] Compost Program [Daily] Eye Cutting [Daily] Bridgeside Compost Making Miris Outmoded Leaves of Four Seasons Leaves of Four Seasons Leaves of Four Seasons Homeowners Anonymous [Daily] Fertile Deal Oriel is Calling Free Gift Just For Visiting! Housewarming [Weekly] How to Garden Aggressively [Relic Bundle Reward] Ancient Goblet [Relic Bundle Reward] Ancient Crown [Group] Treasure Trove [Group] Punishing the Punisher [Group] Punisher's Posture [Group] Gates of Satra [Daily/Group] According To His Ability The Sauro Supply Base [Group] Killing Spree [Group] Slay Sheba, Blind Beritra [Group] What Sheba Hath Wrought [Group] Hunks of Junk [Group] Sauro: The Final Assault [Group] For the Folks Back Home Don't Wait, Infiltrate [Group] Eliminate the Ashunatal Dredgion Captain [Instanced Dungeon/Daily/Group] Seizing the Weapons of the Ashunatal Dredgion [Instanced Dungeon/Daily/Group] Eliminating the Dredgion Commander [Group] Into the Dome [Group] Destroying the Destroyer [Instanced Dungeon/Group] Asmodians to the Left of Me, Balaur to the Right... [Alliance] Detachment in the Depths [Alliance] Minion Madness [Alliance] The Final Countdown [Alliance] Mind Your Business Hand it to the Expedition [Instance Dungeon/Alliance] Bumps and Bruises [Instanced Dungeon/Alliance] Has The Daeva Lost their Memory? The Corridor Lore [Weekly] Help Hold the Lines [Weekly] Protect Henor [Weekly] Protect Andrea [Weekly] Protect Erivale Fragment Discovered in Levinshor Fragment Discovered in Kaldor Shard Discovered in Levinshor Shard Discovered in Kaldor [Urgent Order] General Miltar Rescue Operation [Urgent Order] General Kupiaro Rescue Operation [Urgent Order] General Lanstri Rescue Operation [Urgent Order] General Magken Assassination Order [Urgent Order] General Hark Assassination Order [Urgent Order] General Tombolk Assassination Order [Instance/Group] A New Phenomenon [Instance/Group] Back Into the Grave [Instance/Group] Another Fragment, Another Fight [Instance/Group] Return to the Test Chamber [Instance/Group] Did You See THAT Coming? [Instance/Group] Deja Drakenseer [Instance/Group] Unstable Polten Marsh Fragment [Instance/Group] Artifact Overlord Kroban [Expert] Essencetapper's Test [Expert] Essencetapping Expert [Expert] Aethertapper's Test [Expert] Aethertapping Expert Perikles's Insight Temporary