Temporary [Master] Weaponsmith's Potential [Master] Weaponsmithing Master [Master] Crafting Master Temporary Temporary Temporary [Master] Armorsmith's Potential [Master] Armorsmithing Master [Master] Crafty Craftsman Temporary Temporary Temporary [Master] Tailor's Potential [Master] Tailoring Master [Master] Tailoring Master Temporary Temporary Temporary [Master] Handicrafter's Potential [Master] Handicrafting Master [Master] Handicrafting Master Temporary Temporary Temporary [Master] Alchemist's Potential [Master] Alchemy Master [Master] Crafty Crafter Temporary Temporary Temporary [Master] Cook's Potential [Master] Cooking Master [Learn Pet] Having a Pet The Delivery The Shugo and the Shulack [Daily] The Sanctum Shulackwalk [Learn Pet] Emotional Pet [Learn Pet] Love for Pet Just Between Me and Fasimedes Andreas' Teachings [Craft] Clamping Down [Expert] Construction Expert Daevas of the Round Table [Expert] Constructor's Test [Expert] Expert of Construction [Expert] Passion for Construction [Expert] Requirements for Construction Expert [Expert] Construction Expert [Master] New Level of Construction [Master] New Title of Construction Its Rightful Owner Class Advancement Class Advancement Class Advancement Class Advancement Templar of Construction Insignia Evidence A Dispatch to Verteron A Dispatch to Verteron The Esoteric Book of Space The Esoteric Book of Time The Technist Preceptor's Task The Muse Preceptor's Task A New Preceptor A New Preceptor Master Aethertech Amplification or Omega Omega or Amplification A Particular Set of Stones Gaining the Templar's Stigma Gaining the Gladiator's Stigma Gaining the Cleric's Stigma Gaining the Chanter's Stigma Gaining the Assassin's Stigma Gaining the Ranger's Stigma Gaining the Sorcerer's Stigma Gaining the Spiritmaster's Stigma Welcome, Daeva! Meet Your Instructors Academies and Abbeys [Daily] Clipping the Commotion Drauped into Theobomos Through Dust and Rifts Adma's Riches The Darkness Beyond Be Prepared [Daily] Dealing with Dionaes Brimming Hollow Undermined in Undirborg Balaur in Beshmundir Sarpan for Starters [Daily] Kamaring them Softly Hasten to Hariken Ties in Tiamaranta Refuge no More Reinforcing Rentus Steal the Siel Raging Katalam Demades in Danaria Kurius and Curiouser Still More in Levinshor Kaldor is Burning [Daily] Lofty Loftus Fight on Ophidan Sanctuary Sanctioning Finding Linkgate Foundry Sorry, Sauro Threat at Illuminary Obelisk Coastal Crush Cascade Critters Alisary Assistance Further Aid for Alisary Southern Quell Final Stabilization Onboard for One Trouble with Twos Trees and Threes Flying through Four Fidgety Fives Success for Six Outrageous Outremus To the Land of the Unknown [Daily] Eliminating the Hindrance in the Supply Route What Beritra is After [Daily] Eukraton in Need Cooperation Request for Elimination of Beritra To Raksang Ruins [Daily] Warding the Old To Verteron [Daily] Forest for the Trees [Daily] Observing the Field To Haramel To Eltnen [Daily] Protect Eltnen Fortress [Daily] Protect Cascade Springs To Nochsana Into the Fire To Heiron Observatory [Daily] Protect Hieronopolis [Daily] Protect Poie Jungle To Arbolu's Haven [Daily] In a Manor of Trouble Getting Settled To Iluma [Daily] Protect the Illumined Pergolas Threats to Ariel's Sanctuary [Daily] Ilisia's Request To Redemption Landing