Improving Fortifications [Weekly] Eliminate Spiralroot Scouts Lumbering Lumber Rooting Out An Answer Spores For Snores Grating Cries [Weekly] The Fighting Foothold [Weekly] Adversarial Advancers Crynacs Damage His Calm Turtles in a Half Carapace They Come in Threes [Weekly] Bloody Them Senseless [Weekly] Bleed Them Dry The Missing Messenger The Lost Gift A Sip of Something Cool And Another Thing [Weekly] We Fight in the Shade [Weekly] Bury Them Standing Beware of Intrusion Expansion Work [Weekly] Scuttle the Irigani Scouts [Weekly] Irigani Elimination Orders Preventing the Plague's Spread We Need Reinforcements Slippery Little Suckers Unredeemable [Weekly] Hungry and Harried [Weekly] Harried and Hungry [Group] Opening Blows [Group] Ending the Legend [Weekly] Sweeping Away the Elyos [Weekly] Sweeping Away the Balaur A Bit of Ide Reading Unfortunate Habitat [Weekly] Past Tense Pass Scouts [Weekly] Balaur Belated [Urgent Order] Watching the Watch [Urgent Order] Batan's Request [Urgent Order] Cavloft's Request [Urgent Order] Dagstyrr's Request [Urgent Order] Eyja's Request [Urgent Order] Fjotra's Request [Urgent Order] Galmann's Request [Urgent Order] Put Them On Ice [Urgent Order] Ingi's Request The Ceramium Man Keep What You Kill Asmodian Glory [Coin] Taming the Road [Coin] Fool Me Once, and You're Dead Rocks in the Way Ancient Building Techniques Cold Shugos Cannot Work Taygas in the Night Trust a Shulack? No Simple Tasks Strike Fast And Hard! Snowfield Work Stoppage A Fresh Perspective A Fresh Cut A Fresh Posting Stealing Intelligence Decommissioning Novun Desperate Measures Olvir's Experiment Securing the Experiment Area The Delayed Report Someone Will Sort All This Out Unintended Inattention They Have to Ghost... err, Go! Contamination Scene Investigation Not A Tourist Destination [Group] Not So Undying Enviromentalist Work Done, Done, And Onto The Next Job [Group] Vasharti Legion's Vengeance Lessons Learned Showing Up Stellman The Hand Off This Isn't What You Think Unusual Observations Making Idgel Safe Breaking Rocks Badgering the Lakuri Leader Bloody the Badgers Jars of Clay Dragonbound Blind This One's No Aturinerk To the Land of the Shugos Sure to Get the Message Too Busy to Work Avoiding a Late Fee The Shugo Guru A Leaderless Flock We're Stealin' It Back The Waterworm Plague Squashing the Squatters The Angry Commander Headstrong and Lost For My Family, All All for One... ...One for All! Snout Counting Spying is my Business... ...And Business is Good [Group] Breaking the Blade The Stone Legion Maximizing Profit Gain Aiding the Enemy Disease Prevention Plausible Deniablity Move Along, Little Doggy A Shugo's Loyalty Hadrianerk's Wall Goldrine's Personal Recognition [Coin] Taking Out the Drakan Trash [Coin] Badger, Badger, Badger [Coin] Tayga by the Tail [Coin] Disposing of the Earth Spirits [Coin] Culling Curs [Coin] Help Un-Wanted [Group] Search for Secrets Cleansing the Filth A Failure of Intelligence Units [Weekly] Gouging the Eyes [Weekly] Beat Back the Balaur A Fierce Struggle Smashing the Assembly Area [Group] Stop That Courier! Clean Up at Base 40 [Weekly] Eliminate the Icethorn Scouts [Weekly] Eliminate the Icethorn Advance Unit Against the Ophidan The Immortal Rasputinerk? Silence the Seirens [Weekly] No Spying Allowed [Weekly] No Plotting Allowed The Keeper of the Hideout One Small Clue Heresy. HERESY! [Weekly] Eliminating the Archways Scouts [Weekly] Eliminating the Advance Unit Ominous Negotiations Unwise Alliance Wildlife Problems [Weekly] Morale Crusher [Weekly] Ambition Crusher Pleasure in Pashid Pain