March to Balaurea Change the Future A Speedy Errand The Shadow Calls Nerita's Orders Investigate the Disappearance A Frozen City The Mauling of the Mau Crisis in Beluslan March to Balaurea Untangling Taloc's Hollow A Dark Plan Foreign Land, Familiar Plot The Protector's Test Conspiracy in Tiamaranta Secrets Within the Heart Footsteps of the Past Unending Mission For a New Future Control Altgard, Delete Revolutions What's Up, Dock? No Laissez-faire for Lepharists Sword to Secrecy You Gotta Stop Umkata A Shugo Apropos Sticks and Stones [Group] Secrets of the Fire Temple Mystery of the Missing Daevas A Good Mau is Hard to Find Interior Landscaping Reclaiming the Damned Through the Looking Glass The Efficacy of Fire Better than Last Time Leather Wings and Shiny Things Induction to Brusthonin History, Mystery Let Me In, Let Me In Secret of Brusthonin Contamination Burning the Dragon Agent's Appreciation Welcome to Panesterra A Grave Situation Take Back, Sword! Little Help from a Daeva Adieu to You, Manumumu Wig Out Over the Sprigg Sprout You Have a Choice... [Group] All the Spells and Whistles Time Has Come [Dungeon/Group] Stopping the Beritra's Legion [Dungeon/Daily/Group] Balaur's Bloodshed Invade the Past Back in Time [Dungeon] The Broken Artifact [Dungeon/Group] Phantom in the Shadows [Unused] Creature of Another Dimension [Group] To Steal a Secret [Group] Retribution Resolution [Dungeon] Hot Temper Getting to Know You Shell Out Kill the Kerubs Ruin Research Relief Big Scale Research Seaweed Procede Tejhi Technology Soup De Cure Sprouting Developments Clues from the Undead The Tejhi Ghost Avenge Varnur Mouths to Feed Treasure in the Deep Sea Treasure of Ancient Kings An Offering of Peace Take Down the Barricade Ominous Advice Truth of the Crystal No Revival for the Balaur Hot Shards! Red Coral Delights Tyrant Take Out Is This a Trap? Intercept the Ide They Chose Poorly The More You Know... Pontificating Possible Power A Royal Target An Offering of Friendship Tragedy in Balaurea Tragedy in Balaurea How the Ship? Tragedy in Balaurea Break Elyos, Take Token Tejhi Termination Tejhi Tasks Creatures of Cloudtalon Valley [Daily] Elyos in Enshar? Boss Toss Melzirinerk's Tempting Proposal Pekrunerk's Enticing Proposal Moterinerk's Enticing Proposal Are Ya Feelin' Lucky? [Daily]Securing Leviathan's Ruin [Daily] Securing Wavehollow Brink [Daily] Securing Cloudtalon Valley [Daily] Arden Not Your Heart [Daily] Ready Cet Go [Daily] Embracing Bomire [Spy/Daily] Head to Henor [Spy/Daily] Aedra Attack [Spy/Daily] Assail Erivale Treasure Box Keys Treasure Crate Keys Treasure Chest Keys [Urgent Order] Protect the Eastern Aurelian Line [Urgent Order] Protect the Eastern Sanguisand Line [Urgent Order] Protect the Oracular Chamber A Bloody Battle with Beritra First Steps as a Protector A Tenacious Spirit A Dedicated Protector Walk the Walk Guardian of Life Wielding Strength Marchutan's Oath Marchutan's Daevanion Shoes Marchutan's Daevanion Gloves Marchutan's Daevanion Spaulders Marchutan's Daevanion Leggings Marchutan's Daevanion Tunic Marchutan's Daevanion Weapon The Grace of the Mace [Infiltration] Through the Rift Endure and Report Tenacious Spree Threat the Farm [Infiltration] Controlling Chaos A Prayer of Devotion Lucky Break Master's Recognition Work of Fenril's Fangs Proof of Body Dressing Pandaeomonium [Dungeon/Group] Gathering Ornaments Proof of Skill Proof of Luck Proof of Heart