Fenril's Fangs Mission 2 Fenril's Fangs Mission 3 Fenril's Fangs Mission 4 Fenril's Fangs Mission 5 Shoes of the Fenril's Fangs Weapon of the Fenril's Fangs Gloves of the Fenril's Fangs Pauldron of Fenril's Fangs Pants of Fenril's Fangs Jacket of Fenril's Fangs Pontekane's Plight Harbinger's Hero Fixing the Landing [Weekly] Gather Hitonium Lumps [Weekly] Gather Hitonium Pieces [Weekly] Gather Hitonium Fragments [Weekly] Thwart the Ereshkigal Legion [Weekly] Thwart the Beritra Legion [Weekly] Handle the Remaining Beritra in Asteria [League] Defeat Terracrusher [League] Defeat Wurg the Glacier [Group] Handle the Intruder to Protect the Ancient City of Rhoo [Group] Handle the Intruder to Protect Triple Island [Group] Handle the Intruder to Protect Asteria [Weekly] Defend Rattlefrost Outpost [Weekly] Defend Sliversleet Outpost [Weekly] Defend Coldforge Outpost [Weekly] Defend Shimmerfrost Outpost [Weekly] Defend Icehowl Outpost [Weekly] Defend Chillhaunt Outpost [Weekly] Defend Wildersage Artifact Outpost [Weekly] Defend Dauntless Artifact Outpost [Weekly] Defend Anchorbrak Artifact Outpost [Weekly] Defend Brokenblade Artifact Outpost [Weekly] Defend Sootguzzle Outpost [Weekly] Defend Flameruin Outpost [Weekly] Defend Stokebellow Outpost [Weekly] Defend Blazerack Outpost [Weekly] Defend Smoldergeist Outpost [Weekly] Defend Moltenspike Outpost [Weekly] Secure Rattlefrost Outpost [Weekly] Secure Silversleet Outpost [Weekly] Secure Coldforge Outpost [Weekly] Secure Shimmerfrost Outpost [Weekly] Secure Icehowl Outpost [Weekly] Secure Chillhaunt Outpost [Weekly] Secure Wildersage Artifact Outpost [Weekly] Secure Dauntless Artifact Outpost [Weekly] Secure Anchorbrak Artifact Outpost [Weekly] Secure Brokenblade Artifact Outpost [Weekly] Secure Sootguzzle Outpost [Weekly] Secure Flameruin Outpost [Weekly] Secure Stokebellow Outpost [Weekly] Secure Blazerack Outpost [Weekly] Secure Smoldergeist Outpost [Weekly] Secure Moltenspike Outpost [Urgent Orders] Pierre's Request [Urgent Orders] Dukru's Request [Urgent Orders] Duar's Request [Urgent Orders] Pedesklo's Request [Urgent Orders] Belgrad's Request [Urgent Orders] Katmer's Request [Urgent Orders] Katmors' Request [Urgent Orders] Karne's Request [Urgent Orders] Markiar's Request Krotan's Necklace Facing the Krotan Guardian Spirit [Urgent Order] Recapture Krotan Fortress Miren's Necklace Facing the Miren Guardian Spirit [Urgent Order] Save Miren Fortress Kysis' Pendant Facing the Kysis Guardian Spirit [Urgent Orders] Recapture Kysis Fortress [Urgent Orders/Daily] Protect Harbinger's Landing [Urgent Orders] Attack Redemption Landing [Urgent Order] Protect the Upper Abyss Sunirunerk's Tempting Proposal Henirunerk's Tempting Proposal [Landing Level 2/Weekly] Outpost Footholds [Landing Level 2/Weekly] Taking the Outposts [Landing Level 2/Weekly] Artifact Occupation [Landing Level 2/Weekly] Ruins of Roah Occupation [Landing Level 2/Weekly] Gearing Up For Occupation [Landing Level 4/Weekly] Boost Base Accessibility [Landing Level 4/Weekly] Expand Base Accessibility [Landing Level 6/Weekly] Thawing the Abyss [Landing Level 6/Weekly] Shattering the Cold [Landing Level 8/Weekly] Clearing the Way Omen's Herald Legion Gift [Daily] Protect the Plains of Dawn [Spy] Scout the Illumined Pergolas [Daily] Eternal Crystal of Light [Daily] Protect the Swamp of Serenity [Spy] Scout the Ellosim Garden [Daily] Destroy the Guardians' Traps [Daily] Protect Feather Bough Forest [Spy] Scout the Valley of the Wayward [Daily] Dead Men Tell No Tales [Daily] Protect the Territory of Spiritus [Spy] Scout the Nephilim Graveyard [Daily] A Slightly Dirty Mission [Daily] Protect the Cursed Canyon [Spy] Scout the Polten Marsh [Daily] Rescue the Archon's Shadow Scout [Group/Daily] Protect Kalidag Canyon [Infiltration/Group] Scout out the Black Wind Valley [Group/Daily] Kalidag Totem [Daily] Protect the Plateau of Judgment [Spy] Scout Ariel's Rest [Daily] That Which Falls Has Wings [Daily] Protect Blue Illusion Forest [Spy] Scout the Azurelight Forest [Daily] Retrieve Wild Aether Plant [Daily] Protect the Ruins of Lost Time [Spy] Scout The Aetherion [Daily] Blue Illusion Flower [Daily] Protect the Lake of Life [Spy] Scout Zephyr Vale [Daily] Lost Soul [Group/Daily] Protect the Black Mane Mountains [Infiltration/Group] Scout out the Krall Aether Mine [Group/Daily] Aether Ore of Time Immemorial [Daily] Protect Saphora Forest [Spy] Infiltrate Kojol Valley [Daily] Mysterious Red Flower [Group/Daily] Protect Zenzen Tribe Territory [Group/Spy] Scout Tarha Krall Village [Group/Daily] Zenzen Alcohol Nieldon's Special Design [Learn Crafting] Discovery of a New Ability Coalescence [Learn Minion] Precious Comrade Minion [Daily] Arund's Favor Gift from Azphel's Sanctuary A Norsvold Story Springleaf Shortcut Pull the Lever Butterfly March Reed Patch Rush [Weekly/Group] Hymn of Aion Scout [Weekly/Force] Imminent Threat [Weekly/Force] Shadow Over Norsvold [Weekly] Broken Guardian Accomodations [Weekly/Union] Tunes of Splendor Combat Frigate [Urgent Order] Protect Azphel's Sanctuary [Sky/Weekly] Onward to Iluma! [Weekly] Featherfern Safari [Weekly] Children of Anima