Judge's Flame-Heated Cipher-Blade Kaliga's Collection Nerthus' Call [Group] Raksang: the Prison of Death [Group] Imminent Collapse [Group] Dig Dug Hatching a Plan [Group] Raksang Rampage [Group] Into the Breach A Glimpse of Fate [Group] Miracle Drug? Hard Evidence Maduka's Message Scaling Rewards [Group] The Sword and the Eye The Iris Sword [Group] The Dagger and the Eye The Iris Dagger [Group] The Mace and the Eye The Iris Mace [Group] The Orb and the Eye The Iris Orb [Group] The Spellbook and the Eye The Iris Spellbook [Group] The Greatsword and the Eye The Iris Greatsword [Group] The Polearm and the Eye The Iris Polearm [Group] The Staff and the Eye The Iris Staff [Group] The Bow and the Eye The Iris Bow [Group] Potential of a Weapon Weapon Using Its Potential Power [Group] Potential of Weapon Weapon Using Potentials [Group] A Power Upgrade Unlimited Potential [Group] Power Up Stronger and Stronger Suspicious Minds Bombs for Everyone! Important Research It's a Dirty Job Securing the Route [Daily/Coin] A Flurry of Activity Take out the Mastermind Proqura's Information [Instance] Temporarily Stolen [Housing] Give My Regards to Pernon [Housing] Moving Up in the World [Housing] Be It Ever So Humble All the Small Things Going Once... Something Old, Something New [Learn Housing] Broken-hearted Prakon [Learn Housing] Joy of Looking After a Guestbloom Open, Says Me! First Class or Coach? Going Twice... Follow Your Nose Precious in Pink Homage to An Unsung Hero Fit for a Sprigg Immortal Guru... Sort Of Turn, Turn, Turn Crystal Visions [Daily] Gentlemen Prefer Pearls [Daily] Much More Than Ore [Daily] How Does Your Garden Grow? [Daily] Your Butler's Gift Spring Light Box Summer Light Box Autumn Light Box Winter Light Box [Daily] Free to a Good Home... [Housing] Homeward Bound [Housing] The Many Facets of Friendship [Housing] The Big Empty [Housing] Interior Decorator [Housing] Just a Step to the Left... [Housing] Taking the Tour [Daily] Sprout, Sprout, Let It All Out [Daily] 'Til the Soil... [Daily] Sprout It Out [Daily] Soiled Quest [Daily] Sprout of Joy [Daily] The Soil Under Your Claws Marvelous Record Player Turn, Turn, Turn Turn, Turn, Turn Turn, Turn, Turn No One Under 21 Allowed [Daily] A Little Alchemy Practice Pernon Awaits You A Child's Direction A Home That's Your Own [Weekly] A Room for the Guestbloom [Relic Bundle Reward] Ancient Goblet [Relic Bundle Reward] Ancient Crown [Group] Treasure Eye-land [Group] Muzzle Tussle [Group] Punisher Unleashed [Group] Knockin' On Satra's Gates [Daily/Group] Apsilon's Abilities [Group] A Stabbing in Sauro [Group] Doomed Commanders [Group] Unlock the Mystery Box [Group] Alas, Poor Shugo, Nyerk [Group] Prototype of Destruction [Group] Demolition Mania [Group] Precious Seal When One Door Closes [Group] Get rid of the Ashunatal Captain [Instanced Dungeon/Daily/Group] Weapons of the Ashunatal Dredgion [Instanced Dungeon/Daily/Group] Eliminating the Frigate Commander [Group] All for One [Group] Destroy the Destroyer [Instanced Dungeon/Group] Ancient Devices [Alliance] Kismeti Detachment Attachment [Alliance] Mince the Minions [Alliance] Drakenspire Domination [Alliance] Essence of Darkness Hand It Over [Instance Dungeon/Alliance] Gateway to Buried Memories [Instanced Dungeon/Alliance] Ereshkigal's Memories Opening Corridors [Weekly] Disputed Territory Defense [Weekly] Protect Arden Village [Weekly] Protect Cet Village [Weekly] Protect Bomire Village Levinshor Fragments Kaldor Fragments Discovery in Levinshor Discovery in Kaldor [Urgent Order] General Magken Rescue Operation [Urgent Order] General Hark Rescue Operation [Urgent Order] General Tombolk Rescue Operation [Urgent Order] General Miltar Assassination Order [Urgent Order] General Kupiaro Assassination Order [Urgent Order] General Lanstri Assassination Order [Instance/Group] Fallen Doorways [Instance/Group] Return to Adma [Instance/Group] Another Doorway... [Instance/Group] Insistent Ifrit [Instance/Group] The Legion Knocks [Instance/Group] Akhal Falls [Instance/Group] Unstable Cursed Canyon Fragment [Instance/Group] Kroban who Occupies the Artifact