Razed Relics Bioanalysis Samplified Simple Sample Another Sample The Daeva, the Quest, and the Ugly Dirt and Leaves Twilight Road Silencing the Roar Dim Pentacolor Triple-Proof Fin-al Days Mooch the Hooch Seesaw Swordsaw Fin-al Road Cygnea Stone Service Secret Croak, Silent Croak If a Tree Falls A Simple Task The Shreffler Quest The Smallest Seed Pest Control In Business with Shugos One Shugo's Trash... Codebreaker Pruning the Gardeners And Stay Down Don't Blink ...Is Another Shugo's Treasure Atreia Jones A Windy Shortcut Old Enemies, New Inconveniences A Shady Character What's the Naga With You? Pride Before the Fall A Friend in Need Hurry Up and Wait Investigating the Investigator Daevopathy Questionable Motives [Instance Dungeon] Regal Reian [Instanced Dungeon] From Flame on High [Instance Dungeon] Tiamat's Spiritualist [Instance Dungeon] Tiamat, Thee Are What? [Instanced Dungeon] Demise of Tiamat (Unused) [Instanced Dungeon] Drakenspire Depths Protector [Instance Dungeon] Stinking Singe [Instance Dungeon] Greed Forever [Instanced Dungeon] Orissan, the Right Claw [Instance Dungeon] Master the Commander [Instanced Dungeon] Beritra Battle New Friends Why Am I Sticky? Mouths to Feed Keeping Warm Hidden Corners Scouting the Scouts Pieces of the Abyss Bearing Fruit Up to Leather Hidden Corners pt. 2 Scouting the Scouts pt. 2 Scattered Histories Well-Deserved Rest Unconventional Cures Build That Trap Eye in the Sky Hidden Corners pt. 3 Scouting the Scouts pt. 3 Guardians Who Needs Guarding Mantican't Atis' Lost Data Remember Them A Cracked Heart Hidden Corners pt. 4 Scouting the Scouts pt. 4 Honoring the Allegiance. Divine Blooms The Hidden Mine Buying Time Gathering Intel A Bright Light Eye in the Sky pt. 2 [Weekly] Balaur Meadows [Weekly] Asmodian Meadows [Weekly] Balaur Fern Overlook [Weekly] Asmodian Fern Overlook [Weekly] Balaur Breath of Memory [Weekly] Asmodian Breath of Memory [Weekly] A Gloomy Outlook [Weekly] Protection Needed [Weekly] Defense and Dedication [Weekly] East Bank Annihilation [Weekly] Battling the Balaur [Weekly] Barking Up the Wrong Tree [Weekly] Marching to the Shipwreck [Weekly] Asmodians of the Shipwreck Cut [Weekly] Charge of the Temple Walk Balaur [Weekly] Battling the Temple Walk Asmodians [Weekly] Banging the Anvil [Weekly] Thwarting the Anvil Heart Asmodians [Urgent Order] Asmodians Near Meadow Gate [Urgent Order] Asmodians Near Fern Overlook [Urgent Order] Asmodians Near Breath of Memory [Urgent Order] Asmodians Near Gloom Barrow [Urgent Order] Near the East Bank [Urgent Order] Asmodians Near the Bark Giant [Urgent Order] Asmodians Near Shipwreck Cut [Urgent Order] Asmodians Near the Temple Walk [Urgent Order] Asmodians Near Anvil Heart [Weekly] Western Elimination [Weekly] North-Western Elimination [Weekly] Central Elimination [Weekly] Southern Elimination Sordim's Enchantment Stone Support 1 Hergia's Enchantment Stone Support Sordim's Enchantment Stone Support 2 Vitonos' Enchantment Stone Support Atis' Enchantment Stone Support Viola's Enchantment Stone Support Ephim's Enchantment Stone Support A Fighter's Marks Thinning the Herd Clearing the Sky High Supply Line Disposing of the Drakan Elyos - A Subzone Hunt (Not used) Elyos - A Subzone Hunt (Not used) Repairing Garrison Armor Elyos - A Subzone Hunt (Not used) Elyos - A Subzone Hunt (Not used) Elyos - A Subzone Drop (Not used) Varmints Danger Lurks in the Forest A Healing Extract A Patchwork Solution Elyos - B Subzone Hunt (Not used) Elyos - B Subzone Drop (Not used) Elyos - B Subzone Hunt (Not used) Elyos - B Subzone Hunt (Not used) Elyos - B Subzone Drop (Not used) Elyos - C Subzone Hunt (Not used) Clearing a Path Setting Traps Bad Dreams Hunting Hookclaws For Medicinal Purposes Elyos - C Subzone Hunt (Not used) Elyos - C Subzone Hunt (Not used) Elyos - C Subzone Drop (Not used)