The Price For Treason Feverish Fungis Scaring the Craggy Meizrem Elyos - D Subzone Hunt (Not used) Elyos - D Subzone Drop (Not used) Elyos - D Subzone Hunt (Not used) Elyos - D Subzone Hunt (Not used) Elyos - D Subzone Drop (Not used) Late Deliveries Home Away From Home Liberating Lakrum Frigidaboudit Between Rival Armies Lakrum's Balaur Problem Medal of Bravery: Guardian General Medal of Bravery: Guardian Commander Medal of Bravery: Guardian Brigade General Medal of Bravery: Guardian Legionary Medal of Protection: Guardian General Medal of Protection: Guardian Commander Medal of Protection: Guardian Brigade General Medal of Protection: Guardian Legionary [Instance Dungeon] Training in Solitude [Instance Dungeon] The Next Step [Instance Dungeon] The Lone Champion [Instance Dungeon/Group] Forging Bonds [Instance Dungeon/Group] Strengthening Bonds [Instance Dungeon/Group] Unbreakable Bonds [Instance Dungeon/Group] For the Ashunatal Dredgion Zeronoth's Aid Hibeidon's Aid Aites' Aid Amonisos' Aid Pobota's Aid Lecos' Aid Werter's Aid Louibus' Aid Venroth's Aid Call of Munin Beginning of New Era The Primary Test The Secondary Test Specialty Specialist Sweet Child of Mine Odella Where Art Thou Odella Where Art Thou pt. 2 Harassing Haramel Certification of Daeva Odella Whereabouts Investigation Continues Marchutan's Mission Accomplished Beluslan Belying A Rumor Aflame Skillful Traders Frost Eyebrow and Red Mane Red Hot Manes Scaled Strike Back to Bakarma Odella Compella You Are Odellin Me Arriving in Gelkmaros Settling In Taking the Wind Road Country Living The Drana Solution The Corrupted Temple The Advance Moving Forward A Helping Hand Tall Tale Reports Summons of Lord Marchutan Road to Lakrum The Betrayal of Tiamat Sheltered Thoughts Dark Blood of Beritra Sacred Memories Blood Forever Army of Ice Shiny Stability Who Are They Crestfallen Crows Sunken Maintenance Who You Rith? Legion Unknown Slammo the Ammo Retaking Lakrum Learning More [Instance Dungeon] Impede Aether Extraction [Instanced Dungeon] Shugo Smuggler [Instance Dungeon] Shugo Smuggler pt. 2 [Instance Dungeon] Hamerun's Entourage [Tutorial] Another Family [Tutorial] Sales and Warehouses [Tutorial] Spreading Wings To the Kidorun Campsite Beluslan Disappearance Case Lehparist Agent Stua Secret Port Key Al-Quest-ia Research Cruel Vicious Mind Daeva of Flame Into the Nightmare Invigorant Administer A Devoted Husband Seizing the Habitat Trolling Symbolizing Courage Lamentation of the Mau Wary Frosty Eyes Frozen Symbol For Safe Keeping Stem the Breed Keepsake Collection Scalebound Blade Beluslan Aether Falling Fragments Home Improvement Ore Crunchers, Worm Munchers [Instance Dungeon] Meet and Greet [Instance Dungeon] High Corruption [Instance Dungeon] Head of a Snakeoil Salesman [Instanced Dungeon] Rotating Rotan [Instance Dungeon] Honorable Death [Instance Dungeon] Sleep Well [Instance Dungeon] Dream Fragments [Instance Dungeon] To the Nightmare [Instance Dungeon] Towering Over the Gate [Instance Dungeon] Bakarmamarma [Instance Dungeon] Riftlock [Instance Dungeon] Brigade General BB Friendship and Loyalty pt. 1 Friendship and Loyalty pt. 2 Artificial Problems Lavish Liquids The Waterfall Cannot Fall Aid Refugees Broken Wagon Wheel Trail of the Taken A Refugee's Revenge Personal Enemies Balaur Doesn't Afraid Hissed Request Drana Amongus Distressing Relics Crystalline Value Peace in Death Useless Regret Reian Protection ManticoReian Problems Reian-on my Parade