5.5 IDAb1_Ere_Cutscene Replay Sensory 5.5 IDAb1_Ere_Spawned when Daeva escape contents are completed Path of Rest Passage 5.5 IDAb1_Ere_Spawned when hill battle contents are completed 5.5 IDAb1_Ere_Spawned when mutated monster is killed 5.5 IDAb1_Ere_Hill battle section sensory Benmor Investigate the Doll Room Investigate the Altar Lym Ore Supply Route Lym Ore Grinding Site Primeth Workstation Bellows Air Vent Before the Eastern Entrance Heart of the Giant's Square Below the Giant Mushroom Tree Secret Warehouse of the Changarnerk Traders Pandaemonium Plaza Ereshkigal Dredgion Transport Zone Lab Area Granen Ren Outsider Fungie ShapeChangePretor Ettin Form Mosbear Form Kirrin Form PolymorphAgrintNor20 Unquiet Spirit 2nd Conditioning Test 1