Sacred Chalice Dried Ginseng Drake Stone Statue Icaronix's Box Altar of Repose Stigma Stone Stone Altar Censer Wriggling Klaw Spawner Wriggling Klaw Spawner Dead Fire Aromatic Soup Wriggling Klaw Spawner Wriggling Klaw Spawner Ice Claw Flag Odella Rope Ancient Treasure Chest Tripeed Stem Crystal Ore Obelisk Obelisk Obelisk Obelisk Obelisk Obelisk Obelisk Web Shabby Prison Fortress Flag Stigma Storage Pretor Research Diary Secret Beacon Mound Statue of Urgasch Aether Bomb Empty Stone Coffin Heiron Dimension Suspicious Stone Statue Elyos Small Kisk Elyos Medium Kisk Elyos Large Kisk Asmodian Small Kisk Asmodian Medium Kisk Asmodian Large Kisk Lepharist Secret Safe Old Barrel Wooden Box Cursed Obelisk Lepharist Treasure Box Temporal Transfer Stone Rift Artifact Healing Whistle Spirit Lighthouse Light Source Flame Bomb Research Test Tube Field Suppressor Field Suppressor Field Suppressor Aetheric Field Maintaining Device Big Aether Bomb Balaur Aether-consuming Stone Bloodfury Booster Obelisk Obelisk Obelisk Obelisk Obelisk Worn Document Stone Plate from Ruins of Roah Dredgion Part Ancient Jewel Box Petralith's Core Tigraki Crystal Ancient Dragon Bone Petralith's Shoulder Petralith's Heart Petralith's Hand Fruit Storage Pot Dragon Skull Dragon Rib Dragon Leg Bone Stolen Item of Sanctum Yellow Luciferin Pouch Green Luciferin Pouch Red Luciferin Pouch Ampreh Blossom Fishing Tool Box Suspicious Crystal Huge Mamut Skull Drinking Water Bucket Magic Flame Circle Fishing Tool Box Fortress Fragment Food Pouch Huge Rock Malek Mining Barrel Coral Reef Pearl Whelkus Troll House Mamut Bone Tear Crystal Ancestors' Flag Suspicious Egg Ancient Relics Shugo Corpse Earth Mound Wild Frightcorn Corpse in the Stone Coffin Obelisk Obelisk Lepharist Abyss Supply Passage Lepharist Abyss Deployment Passage Pure Malek Mine Cart Research Center Power Generator Man Locked in the Wall Mine Cart Lepharist Research Data Combat Power Booster Engine Balaur Bio Weapon Artifact of the Inception First Stone Plate Second Stone Plate Third Stone Plate Mine Port Entrance Indratu Fortress Entrance Indratu Legion Abyss Gate Research Center Cabinet Research Center Journal Azoturan Fortress Passage Azoturan Fortress Exit Underground Arena Entrance Underground Arena Exit Draupnir Cave Entrance Draupnir Cave Exit Fortress Gate Azoturan Castle Gate Salt Crystal Ancient Fossil Huge Obstacle Giant Parasol Mushroom Dead Body of Shugo Merchant Portaro's Grave Weathered Skeleton Intact Skeleton Muddy Skeleton Clotted Contaminant BuBu Chap's Treasure Box Wild Ginseng Brohum Fur Ball Sticky Web