Balance Test_Chain_Pants_U1_58A Balance Test_Chain_Pants_U1_56A Balance Test_Chain_Pants_E1_60A Balance Test_Chain_Pants_E1_58A Balance Test_Chain_Pants_E1_56A Level 60 Fabled Average Equipment Cleric Chausses Level 60 Fabled Average Equipment Chanter Chausses Level 60 Eternal Average Equipment Cleric Chausses Level 60 Eternal Average Equipment Chanter Chausses Elite Guardian Sentinel's Chausses Elite Guardian Commander's Chausses Elite Archon Sentinel's Chausses Elite Archon Commander's Chausses Guardian Sentinel's Divine Chausses Guardian Commander's Divine Chausses Archon Sentinel's Divine Chausses Archon Commander's Divine Chausses Siel's Forgotten Chausses Asmodian Daevanion Chausses NPC_Chain Pants_Kahrun Guard Guestbloom Gratitude Chausses Gonon's Chausses Genium's Chausses Karvo's Chausses Antro's Chausses Soma's Chausses Hules' Chausses Orai's Chausses Kariff's Chausses Junos' Chausses Shinin's Chausses NPC_Chain Pants_Asmodians Captain It is a costume for the Elyos Housing NPC. It is a costume for the Asmodian Housing NPC. NPC_Chain Pants_Asmodians Crew_01 NPC_Chain Pants_Elyos Contributor_01 NPC_Chain Pants_Asmodians Contributor_01 NPC_Chain Pants_Elyos Stigma Master_01 Pernos' Chausses Munin's Chausses Test Armor Tiamat Guard's Chausses NPC_Temple PvP 1st Divinization_Unique_Chain_Pants NPC_Temple PvP 1st Divinization_Unique_Chain_Pants NPC_Temple PvP 2nd Divinization_Hero_Chain_Pants NPC_Temple PvP 2nd Divinization_Hero_Chain_Pants NPC_Housing_Chain Pants_01 NPC Tiamat Eternal Chain Pants NPC Tiamat Fabled Chain Pants Balance Test_Chain_Pants_U1_61A Balance Test_Chain_Pants_U1_63A Balance Test_Chain_Pants_U1_65A Balance Test_Chain_Pants_E1_65A Balance Test_PVP_Chain_Pants_U1_65A Balance Test_PVP_Chain_Pants_E1_65A Test Armor Test Armor Innocent Aris' Chain Pants Balance Test_Chain_Pants_U1_62A Balance Test_Chain_Pants_U1_64A Tiamat Guard's Chausses Balance Test_Chain_Pants_M1_65A Honorable Guardian Conqueror's Chausses Shedim Herald's Chausses Unstable Abyssal Chausses NPC Empyrean Lord's Royal Gift Chain Pants NPC Balic Chain Pants Novice's Trusty Guardian Chausses Novice's Trusty Archon Chausses [Event] Veille's Chausses [Event] Mastarius' Chausses NPC Field Drop Beritra Chain Pants 01a NPC IDRun Drop Chain Pants 01a NPC PvP Coin Chain Pants Curator's Chausses Warden's Chausses NPC New Abyss Chain Pants Durable Mercy Chausses Durable Mercy Chausses NPC Augment Musketeer Chain Pants NPC Steel Rose Unique1 Chain Pants NPC Steel Rose Unique2 Chain Pants NPC Underground Field Drop Chain Pants NPC Ancient Coin Chain Pants NPC PvP Added Chain Pants NPC Common Crafted Chain Pants Campaigner's Chausses Reservist Chausses NPC Empyrean Lord's Chain Pants Quest Reward Sundrenched Chausses Shadedrenched Chausses Sunsteeped Chausses Shadesteeped Chausses Telemachus' Chausses Vili's Chausses Suntouched Chausses Shadetouched Chausses Thresu's Chausses Kaisinel's Magic Chausses Apetos' Chausses Runa's Chausses Marchutan's Magic Chausses Makur's Chausses Steel Rose Sailor's Chain Leg Armor Steel Rose Pirates' Chain Leg Armor Steel Rose's Chain Leg Armor BaseStatAdded_Test2_Chain Pants_E_50A Punishing Chausses Unyielding Chausses Conflict Chausses Destiny Chausses Savior's Chausses Hadradim's Chausses Kutra's Chausses Shushana's Chausses Takong's Chausses Strident Chausses Intrepid Chausses Presidium Chausses Custodian's Chausses Elite Custodian's Chausses Custodian's Divine Chausses Proctor's Chausses Ministry Chausses Shepherd's Chausses Elite Shepherd's Chausses Shepherd's Divine Chausses Arbiter's Chausses NPC Abyss Common Asmodian Chain Pants NPC Environment Male Chain Pants NPC Environment Female Chain Pants NPC Kahrun Search Squad Female2 Chain Pants NPC Merchant Female Chain Pants NPC Merchant Female1 Chain Pants NPC Fine Merchant Male Chain Pants NPC Fine Merchant Female Chain Pants NPC Fine Merchant Male1 Chain Pants NPC Fine Merchant Female1 Chain Pants NPC Pippus Unit Male Chain Pants NPC Pippus Unit Female Chain Pants Katalium Chausses Durable Katalium Chausses Master Noble Katalium Chausses Master Katalium Chausses Hard Katalium Chausses Lesser Master Noble Katalium Chausses Lesser Master Katalium Chausses Noble Prime Ophidan Chausses Prime Ophidan Chausses