Elite Overlord Divine Shoes Resurgent Daevanion Shoes Renewed Daevanion Shoes NPC Anuhart Shoes NPC Tiamat Royal Guard's Shoes Dreamstrider's Shoes Nasto Legionnaire's Shoes Shoes of Rentus Recovery Squad NPC_BeritraInstancedDungeon_ClothShoes_01 NPC_RentusHard_ClothShoes_01 Wave Song Shoes Elyos Legionary shoes Elyos Elite Legionary shoes Elyos Prime Legionary Shoes Elyos Elite Soldier Shoes Conqueror's Honorable Magic Shoes Conqueror's Honorable Pure Shoes Vasharti Legionnaire's Shoes Vasharti Brigade General's Shoes Vasharti Brigade General's Songweaver Shoes Glimmering Dragon Lord's Shoes Glowing Dragon Lord's Shoes Dragon Lord's Sorcerer Shoes Dragon Lord's Spiritmaster Shoes Dragon Lord's Songweaver Shoes Dark Lord's Sorcerer Shoes Darken Lord's Sorcerer Shoes Dark Lord's Spiritmaster Shoes Darken Lord's Spiritmaster Shoes Dark Lord's Songweaver Shoes Darken Lord's Songweaver Shoes Sea Feast Shoes Asmodian Legionary shoes Asmodian Elite Legionary shoes Asmodian Elite Legionary Shoes Asmodian Elite Soldier Shoes Black Flame Shoes Dark Flame Shoes NPC_BalaurLordHard_ClothShoes_01 Bootleg Custodian's Divine Shoes Bootleg Shepherd's Divine Shoes Bootleg Emissary's Divine Shoes Bootleg Ambassador's Divine Shoes Bootleg Lunatic Modor's Shoes Bootleg Lunatic Modor's Songweaver Shoes 4.8_NPC_NewField_Elyos_ExpeditionCenturion_ClothShoes_01 Wave Song Shoes Skin Sea Feast Shoes Skin Swift Prestigious Shoes Shadow Soul's Shoes (14 days) Shadow Soul's Mystic Shoes (14 days) Honorable Ancient Spirit's Magic Shoes Honorable Ancient Spirit's Pure Shoes Elite Ancient Spirit's Magic Shoes Elite Ancient Spirit's Pure Shoes Tooltip Set Test Cloth Shoes Kaisinel Protector's Shoes Purified Kaisinel Protector's Shoes Marchutan Protector's Shoes Purified Marchutan Protector's Shoes Master Anuhart Sorcerer Shoes Master Anuhart Spiritmaster Shoes Sauro Commander's Divine Shoes Fearless Shoes Fierce Shoes NPC 65 Daevanion Cloth Shoes [Event] Ascended Agent's Cloth Shoes NPC Elyos Territory Sorcerer's Shoes NPC Asmodian Territory Sorcerer's Shoes NPC_5.0Archdaeva Instanced Dungeon Goal_Cloth Shoes_01 NPC 4.9 New Bloody Fight Coin Cloth Shoes NPC 4.9 Divinization_Elyos_Cloth_Shoes NPC 4.9 Magic Charge_Elyos_Cloth_Shoes NPC 4.9 Divinization_Asmodian_Cloth_Shoes NPC 4.9 Magic Charge_Asmodian_Cloth_Shoes Noble Daevanion Shoes Kahrun's Shoes [Event] Lunatic Modor's Shoes [Event] Lunatic Modor's Songweaver Shoes NPC 5.1 Abyss Normal Cloth Shoes 5.0_Balance Test_Cloth_Shoes_70A 5.0_Balance Test_Cloth_Shoes_75A 5.0_Balance Test_Cloth_Shoes_80A NPC_5.0Boss Named_Cloth Shoes NPC_5.0_Medium Instanced Dungeon Equipment_Cloth Shoes_01 NPC_5.0_Empyrean Lord Subordinate_Elyos_Cloth Shoes_01 NPC_5.0F6_Kumiho_Shoes_01 NPC_5.0F6_Mysterious Power_Shoes_01 Custom Termed Attribute Test Cloth Shoes Dazzling Cloth Shoes of Dawn Light Dazzling Songweaver Cloth Shoes of Dawn Light Vibrant Dawn Shoes Indigo Phoenix Shoes Library of Eternity Shoes Sacred Shoes of Eternity. Cobalt Winged Shoes Patrician's Shoes Infinite Night Shoes Adma Shoes Shoes of Adma Laboratory Shoes Shoes of the Laboratory Akhal's Shoes Akhal's Magic Shoes Atreia Conqueror's Cloth Shoes Atreia Conqueror's Cloth Foot Protectors Archdaeva's Remodeled Danuar Shoes Archdaeva's Restructured Danuar Shoes Ancient Shoes of Life Ancient Magic Shoes of Life Ancient Shoes of Knowledge Ancient Magic Shoes of Knowledge Sage's Shoes Sage's Magic Shoes Ancient Shoes of Destiny Ancient Magic Shoes of Destiny Boundless Cloth Shoes of Oath Boundless Cloth Foot Protectors of Oath Boundless Cloth Shoes of Glory Boundless Cloth Foot Protectors of Glory Boundless Cloth Shoes of Honor Boundless Cloth Foot Protectors of Honor Lunar Light Shoes Lunar Light Soft Shoes Shoes of the Albicant Aerie Albicant Aerie Shoes Ageless Magic Shoes of Thunder Ageless Shoes of Thunder White Star's Chromatic Shoes White Star's Chromatic Vice Shoes Lunar New Shoes Lunar New Soft Shoes Shoes of the Hibernal Aerie Hibernal Aerie Shoes Ageless Magic Shoes of Umbra Ageless Shoes of Umbra White Star's Lunatic Shoes White Star's Lunatic Vice Shoes Lunar Third Quarter Shoes Lunar Third Quarter Soft Shoes Shoes of the Brumal Aerie Brumal Aerie Shoes Ageless Magic Shoes of Unity Ageless Shoes of Unity White Star's Sterling Shoes White Star's Sterling Vice Shoes Lunar Waning Crescent Shoes Lunar Waning Crescent Soft Shoes Shoes of the Silver Aerie