Ultimate Conqueror's Orb Ancient Masterwork Monarch's Orb Legendary Masterwork Monarch's Orb Ultimate Masterwork Monarch's Orb Ancient Masterwork Conqueror's Orb Legendary Masterwork Conqueror's Orb Ultimate Masterwork Conqueror's Orb Cyclone Orb Oathkeeper's Orb Starspark's Orb Nocturne's Orb Bronzefang's Orb Heartwave Orb Ebonscale Orb Volcanic Orb Old Orb Old Orb Buccaneer's Orb Dazzling Daevanion Orb Voidtrace Orb Thunder Dragon King's Orb Fire Dragon King's Orb Dark Dragon King's Orb Water Dragon King's Orb Shadow Wraith Shuriken Silion's Orb Wild Kitter's Orb Phantom Tiger's Orb Hallow's Eve Jewel Golden Orb Angelic Orb Shugo Ranger Power Sigil Glittering Heart Jewel Clever Daeva's Orb Ancient Revolutionary's Orb Ancient Starspark Orb Ancient Zenith Orb Ancient Winged Champion Orb Ancient Libertas Orb Legendary Daeva Protector Orb for Rookies [Event] White Day Orb Spellbook Form Spellbook Form Level 18 Prop Spellbook Level 23 Prop Spellbook Verteron Guardian Tome Altgard Archon Tome Lepharist Spellbook Soul Monster Spellbook Lepharist Spellbook02 Elyos Login Stage Spellbook 01 Asmodian Login Stage Spellbook 01 NPC Spellbook BO_C001 NPC Spellbook BO_C002 NPC Spellbook BO_C003 NPC Spellbook BO_C004 NPC Spellbook BO_C005 NPC Spellbook BO_C006 NPC Spellbook BO_C007 NPC Spellbook BO_C008 NPC Spellbook BO_R001 NPC Spellbook BO_R002 NPC Spellbook BO_R003 NPC Spellbook BO_R004 NPC Spellbook BO_R005 NPC Spellbook BO_R006 NPC Spellbook BO_R007 NPC Spellbook BO_R008 NPC Spellbook BO_R009 NPC Spellbook BO_R010 NPC Spellbook BO_R011 NPC Spellbook BO_R012 NPC Spellbook BO_R013 NPC Spellbook BO_U001 Training Spellbook Mercenary Spellbook Akarios Spellbook Traveller's Spellbook Guardian's Spellbook Verteron Spellbook Cultivator's Spellbook Eltnen Spellbook Explorer's Spellbook Heiron Spellbook Battle Spellbook Sanctum Spellbook Practice Spellbook Raider's Spellbook Aldelle Spellbook Archon Spellbook Wanderer's Spellbook Altgard Spellbook Looter's Spellbook Morheim Spellbook Invader's Spellbook Beluslan Spellbook Vengeance Spellbook Pandaemonium Spellbook Plainsman's Spellbook Canyon Spellbook Forest Spellbook Hill Spellbook Desolation Spellbook Patriot's Spellbook Swampy Spellbook Jungle Spellbook Ruin Spellbook Storm Spellbook Spellbook of the Prairie Spellbook of the Lake Weald Spellbook Plateau Spellbook Tundra Spellbook Freezing Spellbook Volcano Spellbook Barrens Spellbook Glacier Spellbook Blizzard Spellbook Ranger's Tome Mercenary Captain's Tome Tropical Tome Wind Breeze Tome Wanderer's Tome Mirage Tome Altar Tome Demise Tome Ancient Tome Sunset Tome Fiendish Tome Night Sky Tome Frozen Tome Black Claw Tome Infamous Tome Beast's Tome Offering Tome Corrupting Tome Otherworldly Tome Dusky Tome Rank 9 Elyos Spellbook Rank 8 Elyos Spellbook Rank 7 Elyos Spellbook Rank 6 Elyos Spellbook Rank 5 Elyos Spellbook Rank 4 Elyos Spellbook Rank 3 Elyos Spellbook Rank 2 Elyos Spellbook Rank 9 Asmodian Spellbook Rank 8 Asmodian Spellbook Rank 7 Asmodian Spellbook