Crafter's Reinforced Drenium Greatsword Crafter's Ultimate Drenium Greatsword Expert's Reinforced Drenium Greatsword Expert's Ultimate Drenium Greatsword Master's Reinforced Drenium Greatsword Master's Ultimate Drenium Greatsword Winged Dragon's Reinforced Greatsword Scaled Dragon's Reinforced Greatsword Winged Dragon Monarch's Reinforced Greatsword Scaled Dragon Monarch's Reinforced Greatsword Winged Dragon's Imperial Reinforced Greatsword Scaled Dragon's Imperial Reinforced Greatsword Horned Dragon's Reinforced Greatsword Toothy Dragon's Reinforced Greatsword Horned Dragon Monarch's Reinforced Greatsword Toothy Dragon Monarch's Reinforced Greatsword Horned Dragon's Imperial Reinforced Greatsword Toothy Dragon's Imperial Reinforced Greatsword Prime Guardian Commander's Devout Greatsword Prime Archon Commander's Devout Greatsword Royal Guardian Sentinel's Devout Greatsword Royal Archon Sentinel's Devout Greatsword Elite Royal Guardian Sentinel's Devout Greatsword Elite Royal Archon Sentinel's Devout Greatsword Cruel Rudra’s Greatsword Violent Padmarashka's Devout Greatsword Guardian Brigade General’s Claymore Archon Brigade General’s Claymore Greatsword of 2nd Rank Elysean Army Greatsword of 2nd Rank Asmodian Army Bright Guardian Primus Pilus’ Two-handed Sword Bright Archon Primus Pilus' Two-handed Sword Distorted Balaur Follower Suppressor’s Greatsword Balaur Follower Suppressor’s Greatsword Poppy Sensitive Padmarashka’s Two-handed Sword Caeus’s Great Sword Executioner Great Sword Void Dragon's Greatsword Void Dragon King's Greatsword Pure Void Dragon King's Greatsword Transcendent Void Dragon's Greatsword Transcendent Void Dragon King's Greatsword Perfect Void Dragon King's Greatsword Transcendent Demi Daeva’s Two-handed Sword Master Harvester's Greatsword Shadow Pact Great Sword Commander Sunayaka's Greatsword Distorted Sunayaka's Greatsword [Event] Deep Sea Feast Great Sword [Event] Void Dragon's Greatsword [Event] Void Dragon King's Greatsword [Event] Pure Void Dragon King's Greatsword Polearm Form Polearm Form Level 18 Prop Polearm Level 23 Prop Polearm Verteron Guardian Polearm Altgard Archon Polearm Soul Monster Polearm Elyos Login Stage Polearm 01 Asmodian Login Stage Polearm 01 NPC Polearm PA_C001 NPC Polearm PA_C002 NPC Polearm PA_C003 NPC Polearm PA_C004 NPC Polearm PA_C005 NPC Polearm PA_C006 NPC Polearm PA_C007 NPC Polearm PA_R001 NPC Polearm PA_R002 NPC Polearm PA_R003 NPC Polearm PA_R004 NPC Polearm PA_R005 NPC Polearm PA_R006 NPC Polearm PA_R007 NPC Polearm PA_R008 NPC Polearm PA_R009 NPC Polearm PA_R010 NPC Polearm PA_R011 NPC Polearm PA_R012 NPC Polearm PA_R013 NPC Polearm PA_U001 NPC Polearm PA_U002 Guardian's Polearm Traveller's Polearm Verteron Polearm Cultivator's Polearm Eltnen Polearm Explorer's Polearm Heiron Polearm Battle Polearm Sanctum Polearm Archon Polearm Wanderer's Polearm Altgard Polearm Looter's Polearm Morheim Polearm Invader's Polearm Beluslan Polearm Vengeance Polearm Pandaemonium Polearm Forest Polearm Hill Polearm Desolation Polearm Patriot's Polearm Swampy Polearm Jungle Polearm Ruin Polearm Storm Polearm Weald Polearm Plateau Polearm Tundra Polearm Freezing Polearm Volcano Polearm Barrens Polearm Glacier Polearm Blizzard Polearm Tropical Spear Wind Breeze Spear Wanderer's Spear Mirage Spear Altar Spear Demise Spear Ancient Spear Sunset Spear Frozen Spear Black Claw Spear Infamous Spear Beast's Spear Offering Spear Corrupting Spear Otherworldly Spear Dusky Spear Rank 9 Elyos Polearm Rank 8 Elyos Polearm Rank 7 Elyos Polearm Rank 6 Elyos Polearm Rank 5 Elyos Polearm Rank 4 Elyos Polearm Rank 3 Elyos Polearm Rank 2 Elyos Polearm Rank 9 Asmodian Polearm Rank 8 Asmodian Polearm Rank 7 Asmodian Polearm Rank 6 Asmodian Polearm Rank 5 Asmodian Polearm Rank 4 Asmodian Polearm Rank 3 Asmodian Polearm Rank 2 Asmodian Polearm