Campaigner's Spellbook Reservist Spellbook NPC Shugo Accountant's Abacus Sundrenched Spellbook Shadedrenched Spellbook Sunsteeped Spellbook Shadesteeped Spellbook Suntouched Spellbook Shadetouched Spellbook Tirins' Spellbook Garn's Spellbook Rokaus' Spellbook Pantager's Spellbook Vard's Spellbook Stern's Spellbook Ljot's Spellbook Faun's Spellbook Windjammer's Spellbook Pilot's Spellbook Punishing Spellbook Unyielding Spellbook Conflict Spellbook Destiny Spellbook Savior's Spellbook Hypora's Spellbook Indignant Spellbook Shumandir's Spellbook Zahak's Spellbook Strident Spellbook Constant Spellbook Presidium Spellbook Custodian's Spellbook Elite Custodian's Spellbook Custodian's Grimoire Proctor's Spellbook Ministry Spellbook Shepherd's Spellbook Elite Shepherd's Spellbook Shepherd's Grimoire Arbiter's Spellbook NPC Kaza Spellbook Weapon NPC Lucullus Spellbook Weapon NPC Pantager Spellbook Weapon NPC Faun Spellbook Weapon NPC Borneo Spellbook Weapon NPC Stellman Unit Male Spellbook Weapon Katalium Spellbook Durable Katalium Spellbook Master Noble Katalium Spellbook Master Katalium Spellbook Hard Katalium Spellbook Lesser Master Noble Katalium Spellbook Lesser Master Katalium Spellbook Noble Prime Ophidan Spellbook Prime Ophidan Spellbook Noble Ophidan Spellbook Ophidan Spellbook Noble Premium Ophidan Spellbook Premium Ophidan Spellbook Fine Master Noble Katalium Spellbook Fine Master Katalium Spellbook Exalted Noble Katalium Spellbook Exalted Katalium Spellbook Corsair's Spellbook You cannot refine this weapon. Modor's Spellbook Lunatic Modor's Spellbook Danuar Reliquary Expedition's Spellbook Hyperion's Spellbook Incensed Hyperion's Spellbook Enraged Hyperion's Spellbook Infinity Shard's Spellbook NPC Territory Soldier's Spellbook Fighter NPC Asmodian Territory Soldier's Spellbook Fighter Eltnen Sentinel's Spellbook Altruist's Spellbook [Event] White Nights - Tome CombineTest_AttkSpdCastSpdMvSpdFltSpdPvP1 CombineTest_AttkSpdCastSpdMvSpdFltSpdPvP2 Remodeled Danuar Tome Remodeled Danuar Spellbook Kratica's Spellbook Vanquisher's Spellbook Persistent Spellbook Penemon's Spellbook Grigol's Spellbook Challenger's Spellbook Exemplar's Spellbook Sauro Guard's Spellbook Sauren Spellbook Sauro Commander's Spellbook Danuar Spellbook Skin Vera Defender Spellbook Vera Defender Captain's Spellbook Bastion Aggressor Spellbook Bastion Aggressor Firm Spellbook NPC Beritra White Spellbook Danann Grimoire Danann Noble Spellbook Combative Spellbook Termination Spellbook Discordant Spellbook Chance of ancient manastone slot division_A Chance of ancient manastone slot division_B Chance of ancient manastone slot division_C Enraged Mastarius' Spellbook Skin Enraged Veille's Tome Skin Untradable Wrapping Test_Two-handed_Soul Binding Untradable Wrapping Test_Two-handed_Tradable Untradable Wrapping Test_Two-handed_Soul Binding+Untradable Untradable Wrapping Test_Two-handed_Untradable Untradable Wrapping Test_Two-handed_Untradable (temporary trade) Untradable Wrapping Test_Two-handed_Untradable (quest) Grigol's Spellbook Skin Godstone Activation Suppressing Stat_Test_Two-handed_A Godstone Activation Suppressing Stat_Test_Two-handed_B Godstone Activation Suppressing Stat_Test_Two-handed_C Godstone Activation Suppressing Stat_Test_Two-handed_D [Event] Tatar's Spellbook NPC 4.5 Normal Abyss Spellbook NPC 4.5 Asmodian Abyss Spellbook NPC 4.5 Instanced Dungeon Defense Spellbook Pirate's Treasure Map Resplendent Grimoire Seraph Grimoire Eclipse Grimoire Shadowshift Grimoire Power Addition Test Item Pirate's Treasure Map (5 hours) Pirate's Treasure Map (7 days) Pirate's Treasure Map (15 days) Pirate's Treasure Map (30 days) Pirate's Treasure Map (1 day) Aegis Spellbook Brazen Aegis Spellbook Bloodburn Spellbook [Event] Shadow Wraith Kansubon [Event] Audron Spellbook NPC Elyos Territory Sorcerer's Spellbook NPC Asmodian Territory Sorcerer's Spellbook NPC Veteran Elyos Sorcerer's Spellbook NPC Veteran Asmodian Sorcerer's Spellbook Padmarashka's Raging Spellbook Skin Sematariux's Spellbook Skin pvpActiveDefense_Test_Two-handed_A pvpActiveDefense_Test_Two-handed_B pvpActiveDefense_Test_Two-handed_C pvpActiveDefense_Test_Two-handed_D pvpActiveDefense_Test_Two-handed_E