Morheim Shadow Legionary Bow Heiron Defender's Bow Beluslan Protector's Bow Heiron Sun Legionary Bow Beluslan Shadow Legionary Bow Atreian Faithful Bow Atreian Allegiant Bow Shulack Refugee Bow Ribbons and Bow Snowy Solorius Hanger Golden Bow npc_StarWeapon_Bow_E_65A npc_StarWeapon_Bow_M_65A Nether Dragon's Bow Nether Dragon King's Bow Special Emissary's Flatbow Special Ambassador's Flatbow Special Elite Emissary's Flatbow Special Elite Ambassador's Flatbow Resurgent Daevanion Bow Renewed Daevanion Bow Nasto's Long Bow NPC_BeritraInstancedDungeon_Bow_01 NPC_NewFieldNamed_Bow_01 NPC_NewFieldNamed_Bow_02 NPC_RentusHard_Bow_01 NPC_BalaurLordHard_Bow_01 Sealed Earth Bow Wave Song Bow Elyos Legionary Bow Elyos Special Legionary Bow Conqueror's Honorable Bow Vasharti Legionnaire's Bow Vasharti Brigade General's Bow Glimmering Dragon Lord's Jealousy Dragonblood Bow Dark Lord's Jealousy Darken Lord's Jealousy Stuffed Sasrum Sea Feast Bow Vivifying Bow Asmodian Legionary Bow Asmodian Special Legionary Bow NPC_Weapon_lizardmanranger_Bow_01 NPC_Weapon_DrakanIDseal_Bow_01 Dazzling Daevanion Bow Skin Bootleg Custodian's Flatbow Bootleg Shepherd's Flatbow Bootleg Lunatic Modor's Bow [Event] Bootleg Custodian's Flatbow [Event] Bootleg Shepherd's Flatbow [Event] Bootleg Lunatic Modor's Bow 4.8_NPC_NewField_Elyos_ExpeditionCenturion_Bow_01 Festive Hanger Shadow Soul's Bow (14 days) Prestigious Longbow Deaththrow Longbow Honorable Ancient Spirit's Bow Elite Ancient Spirit's Bow npc_star weapon2_bow_E_65A npc_star weapon2_bow_M_65A Beloved Bow Kaisinel Protector's Bow Marchutan Protector's Bow Illumishinel's Bow Peitan's Bow Killios Illumishinel's Bow Aima Peitan's Bow Master Bakarma Bow Master Triroan Bow Master Lannok Bow Master Anuhart Elite's Bow Master Tahabata Bow Sauro Commander's Divine Bow Unrelenting Bow NPC_Weapon_DrakanEreshBow_Bow_02 Master Nether Water Dragon's Bow Specialized Dreaming Nether Water Dragon King's Bow Water Dragon King's Bow Dreaming Water Dragon King's Bow NPC 65 Daevanion Bow NPC 65 2nd Daevanion Bow Master Nether Water Dragon King’s Bow Specialized Beautiful Nether Water Dragon King's Bow Specialized Bright Nether Water Dragon King's Bow Gleaming Water Dragon King's Bow Beautiful Water Dragon King's Bow Bright Water Dragon King's Bow [Event] Nether Fire Dragon King's Bow Master Veteran's Bow NPC_5.0Field Appearance_Elyos_Bow_01 NPC_5.0Field Appearance_Asmodian_Bow_01 NPC_5.0Archdaeva Instanced Dungeon Goal_M_Elyos_Bow_01 NPC_5.0Archdaeva Instanced Dungeon Goal_M_Asmodian_Bow_01 Daring Fire Dragon's Bow Brilliant Fire Dragon King's Bow Steadfast Fire Dragon King's Bow Daring Water Dragon's Bow Brilliant Water Dragon King's Bow Steadfast Water Dragon King's Bow Noble Daevanion Bow Kahrun's Longbow Infinity Bow [Event] Lunatic Modor's Bow NPC_5.1_Abyss Elyos Bow NPC_5.1_Abyss Asmodian Bow 5.0_Balance Test_Bow_M2_70A 5.0_Balance Test_Bow_M2_75A 5.0_Balance Test_Bow_M2_80A NPC_5.0Boss Named_Bow_01 NPC_5.0_Medium Instanced Dungeon Equipment_Bow_01 NPC_5.0F6_Guard Bow 01 Dazzling Bow of Dawn Light NPC_5.0F6_Guard Bow Elyos 01 NPC_5.0F6_Guard Bow Asmodians 01 Mau Throwing Spear Mau Throwing Spear Mau Throwing Spear Iluma Protector's Bow Norsvold Bow Vibrant Dawn Bow Indigo Phoenix Bow Library of Eternity Divine Bow Sacred Bow of Eternity Cobalt Winged Bow Patrician's Bow Infinite Night Bow Adma Bow Bow of the Laboratory Akhal's Bow Atreia Conqueror's Bow Archdaeva's Remodeled Danuar Bow Archdaeva's Restructured Danuar Bow Ancient Bow of Life Ancient Bow of Knowledge Sage's Bow Ancient Bow of Destiny Boundless Bow of Glory Boundless Bow of Honor Provenance Bow Lunar Light Bow Bow of the Albicant Aerie Ageless Bow of Thunder White Star's Chromium Bow Lunar New Bow Bow of the Hibernal Aerie Ageless Bow of Shadow White Star's Lunatic Bow Lunar Third Quarter Bow