Tac NCO's Aetherpulse Tac Officer's Arquebus Tac NCO's Aetherpulse Arminos' Mirage Aethercannon Arminos' Mirage Aethercannon Tac Officer's Arquebus Tac Officer's Arquebus Coliseum Fighter's Aetherpulse Coliseum Fighter's Aetherpulse Coliseum Champion's Aetherpulse Coliseum Champion's Aetherpulse Noble Coliseum Champion's Arquebus Noble Coliseum Champion's Arquebus Makia's Aethercannon Gulare's Aethercannon Kesath's Aethercannon Victor's Aethercannon Junos' Aethercannon Shinin's Aethercannon Elyos Fledgling's Aethercannon Asmodian Fledgling's Aethercannon Dragon Lord's Courage Guardian Sentinel's Aetherpulse Guardian Commander's Aetherpulse Archon Sentinel's Aetherpulse Archon Commander's Aetherpulse Vasharti's Aethercannon Sunayaka's Aethercannon Tatar's Aethercannon Dragon Lord's Conviction Tiamat Guard's Aethercannon Ancient Spirit's Aethercannon Master Carved Nanyu Aethercannon Master Carved Korie Aethercannon Hishaditan's Aethercannon Fiery Aethercannon NPC Common Abyss Aethercannon NPC Musketeer Abyss Aethercannon NPC Asmodian Abyss Aethercannon NPC Empyrean Lord's Rotulal Gift Heroic Aethercannon NPC Steel Rose Aethercannon NPC Beritra Aethercannon NPC Underground Field Aethercannon NPC Ancient Relic Aethercannon NPC Ancient Coin Aethercannon NPC Common Crafted Aethercannon NPC Empyrean Lord's Royal Gift Eternal Aethercannon NPC Steel Rose Aethercannon 02a NPC PvP Added Aethercannon 01a NPC Common Crafted Aethercannon 03a Ephemeral Aethercannon (3 days) Ephemeral Aethercannon (7 days) Ephemeral Aethercannon (14 days) Transient Aethercannon(3 days) Surreal Aethercannon (7 days) Surreal Aethercannon (14 days) Transient Aethercannon(3 days) Transient Aethercannon (7 days) Transient Aethercannon (14 days) Delirium Aethercannon (3 days) Delirium Aethercannon (7 days) Delirium Aethercannon (14 days) Aethercannon of Dreams (3 days) Aethercannon of Dreams (7 days) Fugue Aethercannon (14 days) Fugue Aethercannon (3 days) Fugue Aethercannon (7 days) Fugue Aethercannon (14 days) Yamennes Painflare' Aethercannon Campaigner's Aethercannon Reservist Aethercannon Elyos Login Stage Aethercannon 01 Asmodian Login Aethercannon 01 Basilisk Shell Bone Aethercannon Bloody Flame Aethercannon Raging Aethercannon Searing Aethercannon Lava Aethercannon Noble Basilisk Shell Bone Aethercannon Noble Bloody Flame Aethercannon Noble Raging Aethercannon Noble Searing Aethercannon Noble Lava Aethercannon NPC Common Aethercannon NPC Superior Aethercannon NPC Heroic Aethercannon NPC Fabled Aethercannon NPC Eternal Aethercannon NPC Abyss Common Aethercannon NPC Crafted Balic Aethercannon NPC Tempere Aethercannon NPC Tempere PvP Aethercannon NPC Tahabata's Aethercannon NPC Stormwing Aethercannon NPC Tiamat Appearance Modification Aethercannon NPC Tiamat Mythic Aethercannon NPC Tiamat Eternal Aethercannon NPC Tiamat Fabled Aethercannon NPC Daevanion Aethercannon NPC Housing Aethercannon NPC Legion Aethercannon Elyos Login Stage Cannon 01 Asmodian Login Stage Cannon 01 Tirins' Aethercannon Garn's Aethercannon Rokaus' Aethercannon Pantager's Aethercannon Vard's Aethercannon Stern's Aethercannon Ljot's Aethercannon Faun's Aethercannon Steel Rose Sailor's Aethercannon Steel Rose's Aethercannon Punishing Aethercannon Unyielding Aethercannon Conflict Aethercannon Destiny Aethercannon Savior's Aethercannon Chapana's Aethercannon Acrimonious Aethercannon Atrakan's Aethercannon Zahak's Aethercannon Strident Aethercannon Constant Aethercannon Presidium Aethercannon Custodian's Aethercannon Elite Custodian's Aethercannon Custodian's Aetherpulse Proctor's Aethercannon Ministry Aethercannon Shepherd's Aethercannon Elite Shepherd's Aethercannon Shepherd's Aetherpulse Arbiter's Aethercannon NPC Steel Rose Shulack Rifle Katalium Aethercannon Durable Katalium Aethercannon Master Noble Katalium Aethercannon Master Katalium Aethercannon Hard Katalium Aethercannon Lesser Master Noble Katalium Aethercannon Lesser Master Katalium Aethercannon Prime Noble Ophidan Aethercannon Prime Ophidan Aethercannon Noble Ophidan Aethercannon Ophidan Aethercannon Noble Premium Ophidan Aethercannon Premium Ophidan Aethercannon Fine Master Noble Katalium Aethercannon