Juggernaut Cannon IV Juggernaut Cannon V Juggernaut Cannon VI Juggernaut Cannon VII Sighting I Pressurized Chamber I Pressurized Chamber II Pressurized Chamber III Pressurized Chamber IV Pressurized Chamber V Pressurized Chamber VI Stopping Power I Autoload I Blazing Bombardment I Blazing Bombardment II Blazing Bombardment III Blazing Bombardment IV Blazing Bombardment V Frozen Blitz I Frozen Blitz II Frozen Blitz III Frozen Blitz IV Frozen Blitz V Frozen Blitz VI Nature's Favor I Nature's Favor II Nature's Favor III Nature's Favor IV Nature's Favor V Nature's Favor VI Nature's Favor VII Nature's Favor VIII Shellshock I Shellshock II Shellshock III Shellshock IV Power Grab I Power Grab II Power Grab III Power Grab IV Power Grab V Steady Fire I Steady Fire II Steady Fire III Steady Fire IV Steady Fire V Steady Fire VI Steady Fire VII Stable Stance I Shock and Awe I Shock and Awe II Shock and Awe III Shock and Awe IV Shock and Awe V Shock and Awe VI Quieting Gale I Quieting Gale II Quieting Gale III Quieting Gale IV Quieting Gale V Quieting Gale VI Quieting Gale VII Missile Guide I Dazzling Fire I Dazzling Fire II Dazzling Fire III Dazzling Fire IV Survival Instinct I Fiery Blast I Fiery Blast II Fiery Blast III Fiery Blast IV Fiery Blast V Fiery Blast VI Fiery Blast VII Hemorrhage Shot I Hemorrhage Shot II Hemorrhage Shot III Hemorrhage Shot IV Hemorrhage Shot V Hemorrhage Shot VI Hemorrhage Shot VII Shattering Wave III Nullification Trigger I Life Support Trigger I Life Support Trigger II Life Support Trigger III Life Support Trigger IV Life Support Trigger V Life Support Trigger VI Life Support Trigger VII Life Support Trigger VIII Drillbore I Drillbore II Drillbore III Drillbore IV Drillbore V Drillbore VI Drillbore VII Riplash I Riplash II Riplash III Riplash IV Riplash V Riplash VI Recharge I Recharge II Recharge III Recharge IV Recharge V Steel Storm I Steel Storm II Steel Storm III Steel Storm IV Steel Storm V Aimbot Assist I Aimbot Assist II Gattling Gun I Gattling Gun II Leeching Steel I Aether Recharge I Particle Whip I Particle Whip II Particle Whip III Particle Whip IV Particle Whip V Particle Whip VI Particle Whip VII Stability Thrusters I Stability Thrusters II Stability Thrusters III Stability Thrusters IV Stability Thrusters V Stability Thrusters VI Stability Thrusters VII Rain of Knuckles I Rain of Knuckles II Rain of Knuckles III Rain of Knuckles IV Rain of Knuckles V Rain of Knuckles VI Aethercharged Steel I Aethercharged Steel II Aethercharged Steel III Aethercharged Steel IV Aethercharged Steel V Meteor Strike I Meteor Strike II Meteor Strike III