Convulsion Beam I Convulsion Beam II Convulsion Beam III Convulsion Beam IV Convulsion Beam V Convulsion Beam VI Trauma Plate Trigger I Trauma Plate Trigger II Trauma Plate Trigger III Trauma Plate Trigger IV Trauma Plate Trigger V Kinetic Bulwark I Paralysis Cannon I Paralysis Cannon II Paralysis Cannon III Kinetic Bulwark II Kinetic Bulwark III Kinetic Bulwark IV Glacial Shard I Benevolence I Annihilation I (Burst I) Resonant Hymn I Kinetic Bulwark I Beastly Scar I Sure Strike Spite Strike Sharp Strike Tendon Slice Exhausting Wave Severe Precision Cut Crippling Cut Draining Blow Earthquake Wave Magical Defense Ankle Snare Siegebreaker Lockdown Dauntless Spirit Howl Righteous Punishment Whirling Strike Prayer of Resilience Magic Smash Prayer of Victory Divine Justice Punishing Wave Shield of Faith Barricade of Steel Incite Rage Divine Fury Holy Shield Punishing Thrust Punishment Aether Armor Inquisitor's Blow Empyrean Providence Shieldburst Apply Lethal Venom Agony Rune Sensory Boost Break Away Dash and Slash Lightning Slash Deadly Abandon Oath of Accuracy Shadow Walk Shadowfall Sigil Strike Venomous Strike Eye of Wrath Rune Knife Searching Strike Quickening Doom Scoundrel's Bond Lethal Arrow Heart Shot Hunter's Might Gale Arrow Explosive Arrow Sharpen Arrows Focused Shots Trap of Slowing Trap of Slowing Dilation Arrow Skybound Trap Skybound Trap Blazing Trap Blazing Trap Nature's Resolve Bow of Blessing Trap of Clairvoyance Trap of Clairvoyance Arrow Deluge Agonizing Arrow Lightning Arrow Sleeping Storm Arcane Thunderbolt Summon Rock Flame Spray Illusion Storm Elemental Ward Storm Strike Wind Cut Down Ice Sheet Ice Sheet Summon Whirlwind Summon Whirlwind Boon of Quickness Freeze Curse of Weakness Ice Harpoon Exchange Vitality Wintry Armor Glacial Shard Shackle of Vulnerability Magic Implosion Infernal Pain Spirit Ruinous Offensive Summon Cyclone Servant Summon Cyclone Servant Healing Spirit Earthen Call Magic's Freedom Stone Scour Spirit Burn-to-Ashes Cyclone of Wrath Withering Gloom Spirit Wall of Protection Cloaking Word Enmity Swap Infernal Blight Armor Spirit Blessing of Stone Healing Burst Word of Protection Blessing of Wind Disorienting Blow Mountain Crash Word of Inspiration Annihilation Word of Life Soul Lock Splash Swing Acceleration Cheer Leaping Flash Healing Conduit Rise Elemental Screen Numbing Blow