Flash of Recovery I Festering Wound I Reverse Condition I Flash of Recovery II Sage's Wisdom I Flash of Recovery III Splendor of Recovery I Flash of Recovery IV Splendor of Purification I Splendor of Recovery II Sympathetic Heal I Flash of Recovery V Rage Spell I Healing Conduit I Healing Conduit II Promise of Aether I Word of Protection I Binding Word I Healing Conduit III Word of Life I Healing Conduit IV Promise of Aether II Word of Life II Word of Inspiration I Healing Conduit V Enhancement Mantra I Word of Life III Soul Crush I Healing Conduit VI Promise of Aether III Curse of Roots I Lumiel's Wisdom I Ice Sheet I Ice Sheet I Curse of Weakness I Zikel's Wisdom I Fire Burst I Ice Sheet II Ice Sheet II Vaizel's Wisdom I Curse of Weakness II Boon of Strength I Boon of Quickness I Fire Burst II Barrier of Severance I Ice Sheet III Ice Sheet III Absorb Vitality I Body Root I Enmity Swap I Absorb Vitality II Ignite Aether I Sigil of Silence I Absorb Vitality III Ignite Aether II Weaken Spirit I Spirit Wall of Protection I Absorb Vitality IV Ignite Aether III Fear Shriek I Weaken Spirit II Absorb Vitality V Ignite Aether IV Spirit Recovery I Weaken Spirit III Absorb Vitality VI Ignite Aether V Spirit Substitution I Vengeful Strike I Vengeful Strike II Vengeful Strike III Vengeful Strike IV Ancestral Force Blast I Ancestral Piercing Wave I Ancestral Holy Punishment I Ancestral Draining Sword I Ancestral Brightwing Arrow I Ancestral Darkwing Arrow I Ancestral Radiant Rune I Ancestral Darkness Rune I Ancestral Yustiel's Light I Ancestral Marchutan's Light I Ancestral Word of Spellstopping I Ancestral Aetheric Field I Ancestral Magma Eruption I Ancestral Lava Tsunami I Ancestral Spirit Flow I Ancestral Spirit Self Destruct I Advanced Dual-Wielding I Draining Blow I Shattering Wave I Piercing Rupture I Aether Armor I Punishment of Light I Punishment of Darkness I Bestial Fury I Holy Arrow I Deadly Arrow I Shadow Walk I Divine Rune I Rune Swipe I Stability I Yustiel's Splendor I Marchutan's Splendor I Recovery Spell I Divine Curtain I Curtain of Aether I Ice Harpoon I Big Magma Eruption I Lava Tempest I Cyclone of Wrath I Spirit Burn-to-Ashes I Spirit Explosion I Deadly Abandon I Cloaking Word I Severe Weakening Blow I Severe Weakening Blow II Dauntless Spirit I Severe Weakening Blow III Dauntless Spirit II Severe Weakening Blow IV Precision Cut I Berserking I Spite Strike I Sharp Strike I Dauntless Spirit III Severe Weakening Blow V Severe Precision Cut I Vicious Blow I Incite Rage I Incite Rage II Incite Rage III Prayer of Resilience I Prayer of Victory I Divine Justice I Magic Smash I Incite Rage IV Shield of Faith I Empyrean Fury I Bow of Blessing I Trap of Slowing I Trap of Slowing I Trap of Slowing II Trap of Slowing II Gale Arrow I Speed of the Wind I Explosive Arrow I Hunter's Might I Trap of Slowing III