Santorini Floor Kerubar Fang The Flute Of The Elim Kobold Axe Fungen Spores Fluid Sample Neutralizer Pernos's Potion Bottle Potion Bottle Filled With Water Daminu's Essence Revolutionary Symbol Striking Rod Odium Solvent Guide To Rare Poisons Yustiel's Tear Slime Immunity Medicine Poison Research Diary Contaminated Water Sample Quintus's Letter Guide To Rare Poisons Krall Mark Krall Mark Krall Mark Flint Seal of Kuninasha Icon of Kaisinel Kinsgreen's Order Kerub Grain Sack Grain Snuffler Tail Grain Sack Airon Meat Wine The Nymph in Folklore Abex Skin Sparkie Luciferin Oz's Prayer Bead Kobold Spoon Suspicious Ore Fungie's Heart Engine Part Namus's Diary Ancient Cube Pernos's Robe Nymph's Dress Scar's Fang Abex Horn Brax Hoof Sylphen Juice Sylphen Soup Sylphen Wings Polinia's Ointment Tree Sap Liquor Namus's Diary Broken Axe Handle Seal of Tolbas Village Alteno's Wedding Ring Head of Stone Statue Transformation Potion Trade Voucher Supply Contract Starcrab Carapace Starturtle Shell Nadaelo's Letter Crystal Fragment Broken Fossil Ancient Lobnite Fossil Chapter 3 of Geolus's Paper Pumpkin First Place Treasure Note Second Place Treasure Note Third Place Treasure Note Mandrake Supply Package Tog Tail Pluma Claw Manos's Letter Belbua's Diary Belbua's Diary Odella Odella Soup Frillneck Egg Tolbas Village Supplies Arachna Poison Sac Naia's Bracelet Naia's Necklace Naia's Ring Manos's Glasses Glasses Potion Package Dried Porgus Meat Contaminated Fluid Sample Abex Hock Meat Gryphu Breast Meat Soporific Mushroom Mairon's Antidote Krall Weapon Ribbit Blood Kalgolem's Essence Mysterious Stone Fragment Swamp Plant Root Vascus's Tribute Ancient Stone Fragment Spirit of Water Investigating Wind Spirits Wriggot Villi Sharp Pincers Lepharists' Order Selene's Letter Reinforcement Request Studded Odium Necklace Odium Refining Method The Bandit's Letter Eninte's Necklace Wriggot Villi Sharp Pincers Alteno's Wedding Ring Arachna Antidote Stone Spirit Numonerk's Note Lepharist Treasure Box Treasure Box Treasure Box Kerubian Bucket Revolutionary Symbol Sentry's Key Ring of Fealty Mabangtah's Letter Flower Wall Fragment Philipemos's Diary Torn Pages Empty Water Bottle Full Water Bottle Aether Explosive Abyss Gate Key Mabangtah's Secret Remedy Life Bead Pg 28: Philipemos's Diary Pg 31: Philipemos's Diary Pg 33: Philipemos's Diary Abyss Gate Key Acheron Drake Fang Lightning Wall Fragment Wave Wall Fragment Wind Wall Fragment Fire Wall Fragment Life Bead Life Bead Kalabar's Order Stone Wall Fragment Box