Aether Bomb Golden Trumpet Temple Key Captain Hinden's Letter Decoded Letter Sticky Saliva Fortress Fragment Crestlich Breast Meat Ingredient Basket Crestlich Breast Meat Salad Nerita's Letter Gray Scale Ice Scale Blue Scale Violet Scale Food Sack Letter of Refusal Golden Kinah Pouch Pearl Necklace Silver Kinah Pouch Silky Face Cream Shugo Grass Stem Snowfur Leather Alfgeir's Muffler Food Pouch Violet Crystal Fire Crystal Granker Horn Durable Potion Bottle Empty Durable Potion Bottle Potion Bottle Keeping Poison Preventative Medicine Malek Ore Pure Malek Malek Heart Deformed Malek Shugo Grass Stem Red Crystal Blue Crystal Warm Fragment A Gift For Amma Malek Nugget Mine Mage Spellbook Mine Mage Grimoire Malek Transport Plan Gorgon Fur Skin Brax Boned Rib Frozen Orb Flame Enchantment Scroll Snow Snuffler Oil A Letter to Freyja Scroll Package Preventative Medicine Box Kalgolem Fragment Banshee Apron Boggart Hat Zombie's Plow Abandoned Ring Potcrab Foreleg Lobnite Meat Flickering Elemental Stone Coral Blobble Epidermis Rayal Tail Red Heart Blue Heart Blue Pearl Tayga Gallbladder Kurin Tentacle Invigorant Rynoce Skull Mamut Bone Freyja's Letter Gorgon Rib Chop Daru Hock Meat Special Mixed Stew Temporary Griffo Down Griffon Feather Canyon Trico Horn Frostmane Trico Horn Tear Crystal Remote Controller Tayga Fur Skin Kurin Hip Meat Fighter's Amulet Shaman's Amulet Sentinel's Amulet Healer's Amulet Ancestors' Flag Hairpin Belt Ornament Antidote Antidote Suspicious Egg Bead of Magical Power Fighter's Skin Balaur Sword Balaur Bow Balaur Staff Insignia of Elite Soldier Disturbing Stone Horn Flute Strahein's Letter 2668a - Lepharist Sorcerer Drop Item Lepharist Book Brigade General Thor's Order Betoni's Letter Muddy Elemental Water Bloodwing Fluid Bollvig's Letter Long Rubbed Copy Wide Rubbed Copy Round Rubbed Copy Broken Music Box Repaired Music Box Strange Green Aether Painkiller Israphel Hymn Book Dewi's Letter Dewi's Letter Vanargand Fur Verdandi's Potion Ice Quartz Bright Soul Piece Hard Carapace Tender Meat Chewy Meat Violet Scale Dark-colored Scale Snowy Mosbear Honey Spriggle's Headband Kidorun Grave Robber Band's Pick Humongous Malek Draconute Helmet Drakan Tail Special Ops Insignia Tripeed Fruit Box Concentrated Vitality Coral Blue Pearls Griffo Down Griffon Feather Canyon Trico Horn Frostmane Trico Horn Tayga Fur Skin Kurin Hip Meat Malek Ore Violet Scale Dark-colored Scale