Spriggle's Headband Violet Crystal Watcher's Jewel Grave Robber's Jewel White Daru Tail Frozen Earth Shard Cold Cyclone Shard Beluslan Tidings Gorgon Pelt Caltrops Gem Karnif Hide Nerita's Letter Language Crystal The Shadow Summons Bound Package Supply Package Recovered Documents Black Box Seal of the Ancient City Elyos Insignia Trace of Soul Blue Crystal Golem Fragment Evolved Golem Fragment Protector's Insignia Lump of Flame Crimson Iris Naga's Staff Red Hasia Insignia Mysterious Crystal Transparent Tentacle Fearful Spirit Shard Skull Buckle Crystal Wardstone Contaminated Crystal Wardstone Elyos Hair Klaw Shell Guardian Crest Thick Drake Leather Thin Drake Leather Guardian's Cloak Fragment Flame Tribe Horn Ravenous Hearts Temple Crest Guardian's Insignia Light Insignia Guardian's Hairpin Noble Insignia Guardian's Weapon Heirophant Weapon Asteria Guardian's Weapon Aether-studded Weapon Guardian's Epaulet Guardian's Kisk Guardian's Cloak Krotan Refuge Flag Kysis Guardian Insignia Elite Soldier Crest Miren Guardian Crest Miren Guardian's Kisk Flame Essence Jakurerk's Contract Seal of the Ancient City Shoulder Core Heart Core Hand Core Dredgion Salvage Tigraki Crystal Dragon Rib Alsig Special Wine Suspicious Ore Sulfur Sap Small Undamaged Horn Garcikhan Horn Starving Pretor Heart Greedy Pretor Heart Ravenous Pretor Heart Aether's Defender's Core Fire's Defender's Core Core of Ancient Defender Nature's Defender's Core Light's Defender's Core Shadow's Defender's Core Rusted Spear Wood Armor Pressa Muffin Hazy Quartz Guardian General's Helmet Guardian General's Sword Kalgolem Life Stone Caltrops Life Stone Training Siege Weapon Curious Object Balaur Document Unstable Stigma Prototype Weapon Dredgion Operation Plan Surkanate Blue Balic Device Red Balic Device White Balic Device Box of Fruits Adjutant's Seal Captain's Seal Auditor's Diary Quartermaster's Proxy Balaur Weapon Shockwave Emitter Balaur Supplies Balaur Officer's Insignia Balaur Adjutant's Insignia Audit Report Supplies Register Pure Odium Epic of Praise Ax of Silibaros Perikles' Ring Griffonix Feather Magma Essence Burning Barghest Tail Alchemy and the Rule of Life Crystal Studded Headband Anteros's Recommendation Vulcanus's Recommendation Utsida's Recommendation Hestia's Recommendation Diana's Recommendation Daphnis's Recommendation Manduri's Diary Restoration Item Manduri's Diary Restoration Item Abyss Entry Authorization Certificate of Abyss General Knowledge History Certificate Certificate of Abyss Battle and Strategy Asmodian Flag Spatalos' Recommendation Letter from Jinus Titanium Greatsword Titanium Handguards Koa Staff Handle Chopped Ruta for Frying Cultivator's Spellbook Mended Fess Leggings Fortress Flag quest_1922b Delivery for the Outer Port A Souvenir For Noris Titanium Sword Durable Steel Chain Hood Durable Betua Staff