Klaw Egg Vortile Meat Moonflower Stamen Aether Mist Elemental Water Greesees's Tentacle Rough Wind Mushroom Poisonous Wind Mushroom Red Wind Mushroom Mithril Ring A Girl's Gloomy Days Treasure Map Piece of Aegis Piece of Aegis Piece of Aegis Piece of Aegis Piece of Aegis Piece of Aegis Piece of Aegis Piece of Aegis Piece of Aegis Ensouled Aether Fasimedes' Greatsword Fasimedes' Breastplate Fasimedes' Sash Fasimedes' Necklace Fasimedes' Spellbook Fasimedes' Noble Greatsword Fasimedes' Noble Breastplate Fasimedes' Noble Sash Fasimedes' Noble Necklace Fasimedes' Noble Spellbook Fasimedes' Salad Fasimedes' Smoothie Fasimedes' Fish Fasimedes' Chowder Fasimedes' Tasty Salad Fasimedes' Tasty Smoothie Fasimedes' Tasty Fish Fasimedes' Tasty Chowder Anteros' Greatsword Vulcanus' Breastplate Daphnis' Sash Utsida's Necklace Diana's Spellbook Anteros' Noble Greatsword Vulcanus' Noble Breastplate Daphnis' Noble Sash Utsida's Noble Necklace Diana's Noble Spellbook Hestia's Salad Hestia's Smoothie Hestia's Fish Hestia's Tasty Salad Hestia's Tasty Smoothie Hestia's Tasty Fish Fasimedes' Chair Processed Fasimedes' Chair Undin's Chair Undin's Plush Chair Eremitia's Chair Eremitia's Plush Chair Kalsten's Recommendation Thialfi's Recommendation Ve's Recommendation Lyfjaberga's Recommendation Good Luck Ribbon Agamo's Letter Book Package Ornate Necklace Ornate Jewelry Box Malodor Stamen Ampha Tail Slime Sap Enchanted Book Arlion's Ribbon Snuffler Shell White Abex Hair Scolopen Poison Klaw Shell Spirit Essence Logi's Recommendation Kinterun's Recommendation Lanse's Recommendation Recommendation of Lainita Honir's Recommendation Zyakia's Recommendation Suthran's Recommendation Logi's Package Kinterun's Package Lanse's Package Lainita's Package Honir's Package Zyakia's Package doc_quest_2945a Certificate of Abyss General Knowledge History Certificate Certificate of Abyss Battle and Strategy Golden Helmet of Urgasch quest_2947b Supply Request Odella Juice Potcrab Meat Slink Meat Lepharist Insignia Titanium Sword Durable Steel Chain Hood Durable Tecoma Staff Food Box Fast Healing Potion Sobi Robe Sylphen Blue Iris Green Vespine Sap Drake Crystal Lucid Earth Crystal Tender Inner Shell Black Heart Green Hoof Draconute Horn Light of Reshanta Beritra's Darkness Indratu's Flame Love Ring Special Contract Festival Invitation Letter Brown Pigment Earth Energy Breath of Brohum Recommendation Letter from Kalsten Recommendation Letter from Thialfi Recommendation Letter from Ve Recommendation Letter from Lyfjaberga Book of Records Book of Records Book of Records Book of Records Book of Records Book of Records Book of Records Book of Records RM-108c Organic Sample RM-78c Organic Sample RM-138c Organic Sample Lepharist Research Diary Liberating Stone Blackened Spirit Spirit Blade Ancient Balaur Heart Pure Drazma Crystal Blue Golem