Calydon Sorcerer 48, 49 Drop Item. Dodum's Staff Giant Parasol Mushroom Scopind's Tattoo Tool Chest Stone of Mabolo Nagrunerk's Safe Red Journal Salty Shell Calydon Hair Statue Piece Aether-Containing Box Stone Plate Map Aquamarine Earrings Cube Trap Cube with Pippi-Inside Jabala's Dumplings Research Center Document Trapper Feather Poacher Feather Griffo Feather Griffon Feather Frost Shard Elemental Stone of Frost Magic Ward Scroll Black Wing Feather Old Parchment Split Wooden Board Prison Inmate Tag Baku Hock Meat Bloodwing Meat Fire Element Device Part Water Element Device Part Earth Element Device Part Wind Element Device Part Salt Water Pearl Diamond Necklace Rynoce Leather Galateia's Eyes Tipolid Horn Mudthorn Saliva Tender Hock Meat Special Spice Gojirunerk's Lunch Box Tipolid Horn Mudthorn Saliva Frightcorn Leaf Poison Vespine Powder Enriched Seed Frightcorn Fruit Settler's Letter Skull Elyos Mark Magical_Resist +300 Quest Item (Bonus) Golden Poison Secret Remedy of Soul Calling Chimaera Sirloin Book of Brohum Secret Passage Key Spirit Drops Ribbit Essence Contaminated Agrint Branch Contaminated Rotron Branch Contaminant Sample Phylactery Old Rib Intact Leg Bone Soiled Arm Bone Contaminated Agrint Seed Contaminated Rotron Seed Wet Letter Ntuamu's Letter BuBu Chap's Treasure Box Wild Ginseng Brohum Fur Ornamental Bow Fragrant Ginseng Ornate Hoe Small Horn of Purification Big Horn of Purification Captain's Hat Compass Pecku Feather Zombie's Diary Ghostly Spirit Stone Black Crystal Brohum Horn Jackdaw's Potion Bouquet Status Report Dried Plant Well-Dried Ginseng Budding Branch Box of Rums Soggy Plant Unconscious Moskie Glowing Moskie Unfest Sword Lich Robe Anubite Thigh Bone Pierced Wing Red Herb Powder Green Herb Powder Yellow Herb Powder Map given by Seznec Soft Chest Fur Pecku Sirloin Lobnite Pincers Villager's Soul Refugee's Soul Copper Ring Bead Necklace Pearl Crown Spirit Seed Ornate Necklace Golden Goblet Old Gold Coin Imowen's Eye Graveknight Essence Anubite Essence Rough Mithril Ore Broken Ore Shattered Ore Hornskull's Luciferin Unfest's Skull Anubite's Skull Pink Box Parica's Envelope Teleport Scroll Snow Blessing Taming a Manduri Taming a Manduri Shulack Pirate's Hairpin Steel Rake Logbook Old Blueprint White Envelope Stained Note Pirates' Pouch Tightly Packed Bundle Pirates' Sword Pirates' Staff Reports for Castor Jail Door Key Teleport Scroll Sandblossom Wine Taming a Manduri Taming a Manduri Hat of the Steel Beard Pirates Steel Rake Logbook Old Blueprint