Broken Wall-mounted Fishbowl Sealed Adamantium Clamp Sealed Adamantium Clamp Sealed Adamantium Clamp Broken Adamantium Dining Table Sealed Adamantium Clamp Sealed Adamantium Clamp Old Watchman's Bed Dull Adamantium Music Box Broken Commander's Round Table Chipped Wardrobe of the Blue Fleet Broken Legionary's Achievement Furniture Crumpled Protectorate's Partition Destroyed Priest's Table Melted Temple Rack Bent Battle Accessory Corroded Guardsman's Shelf Rusted Display Cabinet of Pandaemonium Broken Centurion's Chair Sealed Orichalcum Clamp Issued Salix Panel Issued Salix Panel Issued Salix Panel Issued Salix Panel Issued Salix Panel Wooden Shelf Storage Box Lunch Counter Field Bed Round Rug Dining Chair Wooden Frame Small Candle Wooden Table Small Gourd Bottle Side Table Light Topaz Display Cabinet Silver Side Table Bed with Fiber Blanket Thin Curtain Rabano Scented Candle Mithril Frame Moonstone Fishbowl Built-in Closet Bunk Bed Merchant's Tent Wall-mounted Fishbowl Calamot Bloom Paisley Carpet Round Cabinet Adamantium Dining Table Light Bulb for Standing Lamp Built-in Bookshelf Watchman's Bed Adamantium Music Box Commander's Round Table Wardrobe of the Blue Fleet Legionary's Achievement Furniture Protectorate's Partition Priest's Table Temple Rack Battle Accessory Guardsman's Shelf Display Cabinet of Pandaemonium Centurion's Chair Governor's Table Governor's Table Ragged Ingot Ragged Cotton Yarn Ragged Rod Ragged Jewel Ragged Elemental Stone Ragged Crystal Ragged Wooden Cloth Ingot of Luck Cotton Yarn of Luck Rod of Luck Jewel of Luck Elemental Stone of Luck Crystal of Luck Wooden Cloth of Luck Darrinerk's Wing Feather Tashunerk's Wing Feather Midnight Wing Feather Abyssal Wing Feather Magical_Resist +300 Wings (Basic) Magical_Resist +300 Wings (Bonus) Nestor's Wing Feather Sigyn's Wing Feather Haroshunerk's Wing Feather Agony Wing Feather Haroshunerk's Noble Wing Feather Noble Agony Wing Feather Daloshunerk's Noble Wing Feather Noble Abyssal Wing Feather Chantinerk's Wing Feather Despair Wing Feather Chantinerk's Noble Wing Feather Noble Despair Wing Feather Storm Wings Operative's Wings Chief Operative's Wings Crusader's Wings Chief Crusader's Wings Noble Operative's Wings Noble Chief Operative's Wings Noble Crusader's Wings Noble Chief Crusader's Wings Bold Operative's Wings Bold Chief Operative's Wings Bold Crusader's Wings Bold Chief Crusader's Wings Orichalcum Key Wings Wings of The Circle Wings of The Circle Wings of The Circle Yuditio's Wing Feather Munin's Wing Feather Lucky Wings Lucky Wings Wing_Test_Paid_01 Wing_Test_Paid_02 Wing_Test_Paid_03 Wing_Test_Paid_04 Wing_Test_Shop_01 Wing_Test_Quest_01 Wing_Test_Housing_01 Wing_Test_Unified Named_01 Wing_Test_Elemental_01 Balance Test_Wing_E1_56A Balance Test_Wing_E1_58A Balance Test_Wing_E1_60A Balance Test_Wing_U1_56A Balance Test_Wing_U1_58A Balance Test_Wing_U1_60A Level 60 Fabled Average Equipment Wing Level 60 Eternal Average Equipment Wing Reian Elite Soldier's Wing Kahrun's Wing Ancient Spirit's Wings Test Augment Phase 1 Jerkin Test Augment Phase 2 Jerkin Gauon's Wings Oriel Wings of Peace Oriel Wings of Glory Oriel Wings of Victory Noble Oriel's Wing Darina's Wing