Destroyed Sentry Post Operation Map Cane of Purification Used Idgel Cube Loose Rava Tayga Meat Rubirinerk's Rava Rubirinerk's Notebook Fresh White Flower Rotron's Mutated Roots Multi-purpose Repair Tool Warm Green Lunchbox Green Gourmet Lunchbox Lost Iron Component Vividly-Grained Wood Logrinerk's Notebook Troopers' Combat Orders Blurry Rubbed Copy Slightly Legible Rubbed Copy Eremion's Mark Blue Rock Fragment Danuar Magic Stone Eremion's Memory Magic Ward Deactivation Scroll Ophidan Sachet Narubtum's Research Journal Hardened Idgel Lump Bulwark Ore Shongshong Necklace Bulwark Mining Tool Ore Pouch Thick Granker Fur Tundra Abex Meat Bulwark Research Materials Bulwark Bosbear Fur Sleeping Elders Plateau Inspection Report Novun Fragment Spiritual Leader's Letter Idgel Cube Tiamat Legion Insignia Imperfect Idgel Ophidan's Necklace Large Kinah Pouch Plundered Items Supply Unit Badge Siege Unit Supply Plan Cavalry Supply Plan General Supply Plan Aether Marble Piece Goldrine War Supplies Small Amount of Idgel Southern Gateway Combat Operations Plan Rasputinerk's Necklace The Words of the Divine Ophidan Captain's Letter The 3rd Unit's Orders Beritra Army Weapons Balaur War Supplies List Pashid's Grand Plan The 1st Unit Tactician's Operations Plan Old Pouch Blue Necklace A Sealed Letter Tethys' Report Revised Report Kaberinrinerk's Report Pandarunerk Commendation Bulwark Exploration Materials Snowfields Bosbear Leather Raw Bulwark Abex Meat Plateau Expedition Report Frozen Novun Fragment Destroyed Idgel Cube Hard Idgel Cube Contaminated Idgel Cube Piece Research Report Beritra Army Insignia Purified Idgel Balaur Follower's Necklace Kinah Pouch Snatched Items Pashid's Scale Token Siege Weapon Supply Operations Plan Rides Supply Operations Plan Provision Supply Operations Plan Aether Marble Crystal Goldrine War Materials Idgel Experiment Report Sheban Legion's Operational Instructions Bloodstained Invitation The Basti Unit's Operation Order New Balaur Weapon Beritra Army War Supplies List The 1st Unit's Operational Instructions Murdak Tactician's Operations Plan Kinah Pouch for Shugo Blue Jewel Necklace Secretive Letter Kisping's Report Mission Report Hadrianerk's Report Pandarunerk Appreciation Plaque Construction Wood Shabby Ticket Railway Material Crumpled Junk Active Carbon Red Headband Improvised Medicine Secret Ledger Dirty Ledger Wandering Novun's Stone Keen-Edged Fang Battlegroup Supplies Flexible Branch Cast Iron Shell Tangled Fine Roots Runa's Letter Music Box of Memories Clear Mookie Sap Guerilla Combat Orders Tree Stalk Contaminated by Ide Danuar Ide Research Shaggy Daru Paw Detachment's Supplies Ranging Novun's Stone Anesthetic Spore Raveled Fine Roots Cast Iron Carapace Thresu's Letter Music Box of Reminiscence Clean Mookie Sap Contaminated Skin Tissue Danuar Ide Guide Contaminated Water Bucket Construction Management Document Aether Marble Aether Marble Katalam Invasion Plans Katalam Invasion Plan Dropped Letter Tariksha's Letter Worn Jotun Fragment Dense Kalgolem Shard Combat Rations Order Kurius' Order Lustered Idium Moist Clodworm Intestines Ide Contamination Report Mesanepada's Secret Document