Drop System 9710 Drop System 9711 Drop System 9712 Drop System 9713 Sealed Secret Document Encoded Secret Document Soundly Sleeping Dejabobo Soundly Sleeping Wejabobo MAAD-S Molar MAAD-S Skin Tissue Damaged Screw Seal of Mechaturerk's Legion Gunner’s Dud Remirunerk’s Handle Bomirunerk’s Gear Machine Monster’s Memory Circuit Mechaturerk’s Energy Device Sanctum Support Manual 1 Sanctum Support Manual 2 Sanctum Support Manual 3 Sanctum Support Manual 4 Sanctum Support Manual 5 Pandaemonium Support Manual 1 Pandaemonium Support Manual 2 Pandaemonium Support Manual 3 Pandaemonium Support Manual 4 Pandaemonium Support Manual 5 Instanced Dungeon Mark Suspicious Mysterious Gem Letter of Gratitude Creativity Sealing Stone 2nd Creativity Sealing Stone 3rd Creativity Sealing Stone 4th Creativity Sealing Stone 5th Creativity Sealing Stone 6th Creativity Sealing Stone 7th Creativity Sealing Stone 8th Creativity Sealing Stone 9th Creativity Sealing Stone 10th Creativity Sealing Stone 11th Creativity Sealing Stone 12th Creativity Sealing Stone 13th Creativity Sealing Stone 14th Creativity Sealing Stone 15th Creativity Sealing Stone 16th Creativity Sealing Stone 17th Creativity Sealing Stone 18th Creativity Sealing Stone 19th Creativity Sealing Stone 20th Creativity Sealing Stone Model Name: Char Bombom Model Name: Char Bombom Quartz Bar Thurzon's Essence Quartz Bar Thurzon's Essence Narha's Memory Narha's Memory Kexkra's Flesh Kexkra's Corporeal Tissue Deactivated Blue Crystal Deactivated Blue Gemstone Elianan Medicine Bottle of Magic Ward Color Pandean Medicine Bottle of Magic Ward Paint Burnt Scroll Piece Burnt Scroll Fragment How much do you know about the Golden Arena? (Revised Edition) Suspicious Note Detachment Armor Piece Detachment Weapon Piece Bloody Epaulet Broken Wings Mahorosh's Report Wooden Statue Logion's Journal Broken Drakan Sword Hinansie's Box Detachment Armor Piece Detachment Weapon Piece Blood Soaked Epaulet Ripped Wings Warden's Report Wooden Daeva Statue Harogen's Journal Broken Drakan Weapon Pinangzi's Box Fragment discovered in the West Fragment discovered in the North Fragment discovered in the East Fragment discovered in the South Crumbling Tower Fragment Fragment found in the West Fragment found in the North Fragment found in the East Fragment found in the South Pulverized Tower Fragment Abyss Related Record Story of the Legendary Sorcerer Opel's Note Shurake's Note Urgal Twig Shuket's Empty Bottle Bottle with Essence of Life Gurkan's Empty Bottle Bottle with Essence of Plateau Heart of the Canyon Dionae Queen Heart of the Ancient Plateau Spirit Heart of the Aether Komad Lord Heart of the Forest Klawfly Queen Heart of the Polten Mamut Lord Heart of the White Nojolf Lord Heart of the Empyrean Spirit Heart of the Red Storm Fury Lord Tasty Rice Cake Soup Tasty Rice Cake Soup Choco Ginseng Sap Choco Ginseng's Fine Roots Choco Ginseng Concentrate Choco Ginseng’s Dried Roots Fire Temple Simulator Fire Temple Data Black Smoke Asparn Data Flame Branch Flavi Data Broken Wing Kutisen Data Burning Black Sulfur Burning Heart Scorched Lava Sap Dividing Flames Powerful Magic Bomb Elyos Daeva First-Aid Kit Burning Black Sulfur Burning Heart Scorched Lava Sap Dividing Flames Intense Magic Bomb Asmodian Daeva First-Aid Kit Faintly Glowing Mud Small Gold Nugget Light of Aeorendil Soil of Lothlorien Elyos Supply Box Asmodian Supply Box Stolen Pumpkin Shulack Special Refiner Issued Steel Ingot Issued Steel Ingot Issued Steel Ingot