Issued Major Mana Essence Issued Major Mana Essence Issued Major Stone of Wisdom Issued Major Elemental Water Issued Major Elemental Water Issued Major Elemental Stone Powder Issued Major Stone of Wisdom Issued Major Mana Essence Issued Triora Issued Zigi Issued Ferilla Fruit Issued Esosa Issued Raw Snuffler Meat Steel Chisel Steel Screw Steel Hammer Steel Wrench Steel Shovel Steel Grill Sharpened Steel Polearm Blade Steel Pick Steel Throwing Knife Steel Ladder Rust-removed Steel Dagger Titanium Arrowhead Titanium Dagger Mount Prison Shackle Titanium Sword Blade Sharp Titanium Greatsword Pipe Joint Titanium Saw Blade Structural Support Pillar Machine Blade Repaired Explorer's Mace Straightened Explorer's Sword Penetrating Javelin Legion Flagstaff Adamantium Polearm Blade Repaired Heiron Dagger Adamantium Gun Barrel Crossbow Bolt Lustrous Adamantium Dagger Sharp Heiron Polearm Repaired Sentinel's Sword Repaired Blue Fleet Dagger Repaired Legionary's Greatsword Repaired Guardian's Mace Repaired Squad Leader's Polearm Repaired Zephyr Dagger Repaired Battle Polearm Repaired Guardsman's Greatsword Repaired Sanctum Mace Repaired Centurion's Sword Governor's Sword Metal Plate Steel Box Info Board Storage Drum Folding Cot Personal Locker Kettle Machine Sawteeth Safety Helmet File Safe Repaired Durable Steel Spaulders Frying Pan Ball Bearings Washtub Cabinet Repaired Titanium Handguards Titanium Water Pipe Cooking Cauldron Portable Brazier Molded Seat Thick Titanium Shield Corrugated Sheet Support Rails Repaired Adamantium Chausses Repaired Adamantium Sabatons Repaired Adamantium Hauberk Mobile Tower Barricade Repaired Adamantium Shoulderplates Repaired Adamantium Breastplate Repaired Sentinel's Shield Repaired Blue Fleet Handguards Repaired Legionary's Shoulderplates Repaired Guardian's Greaves Repaired Squad Leader's Helm Repaired Guardian's Shield Repaired Battle Hauberk Repaired Zephyr Sabatons Repaired Guardsman's Chain Hood Repaired Centurion's Breastplate Governor's Shield Medical Gauze Simple Cloth Sack Leather Wallet Absorbant Ruko Towel Thin Leather Slippers Work Apron Repaired Thin Boots Thermal Underwear Leather Tent Floor Padded Vest Torn Thin Leather Helmet Leather Bracelet Combat Sleeping Bag Soft Pillow Leather Sword Frog Fess Leggings Thick Winter Leather Cloak Bolt of Fess Armor Lining Leather Quiver Fess Pauldrons Soft Vambrace Medical Mask Field Jacket Sobi Gloves Leather Tent Sobi Tunic Bow Thimble Sobi Belt Commander's Leather Coat Sobi Leggings Strong Boots Mended Blue Fleet Wristband Mended Soul Healer's Leggings Mended Heiron Gloves Mended Priest's Tunic Mended Zephyr Breeches Mended Battle Leggings Mended Guardsman's Vambrace Mended Sanctum Tunic Mended Centurion's Leather Belt Governor's Leather Belt Finished Wooden Staff Wooden Bowl Wooden Cutting Board Silver Fork Tent Support Wooden Box Silver Candlestick Betua Chair Betua Table Betua Practice Sword Shiny Silver Earrings Wooden Rake Koa Wooden Door