Issued Thin Leather Pad Issued Bolt of Tikel Holed Thin Leather Helmet Issued Thick Leather Issued Twisp Textile Issued Twisp Textile Issued Thick Leather Pad Torn Twisp Leggings Issued Thick Leather Pad Issued Twisp Textile Issued Thick Leather Pad Torn Twisp Pauldrons Scarred Vambrace Issued Xilix Textile Issued Xilix Textile Scorched Xilix Gloves Issued Strong Leather Pad Torn Xilix Tunic Issued Strong Leather Severed Xilix Belt Issued Strong Leather Pad Ripped Xilix Leggings Worn Strong Boots Tattered Fenris's Wristband Torn Soul Healer's Leggings Holey Beluslan Vambrace Worn Priest's Tunic Scorched Executor's Breeches Burnt Vengeance Leggings Tattered Guardsman's Vambrace Torn Pandaemonium Tunic Severed Centurion's Leather Belt Issued Tough Leather Pad Coarse Wooden Staff Issued Tecoma Wood Issued Tecoma Wood Issued Silver Ingot Issued Tecoma Rod Issued Tecoma Board Issued Silver Ingot Issued Tecoma Wood Issued Tecoma Board Issued Tecoma Rod Broken Silver Earrings Issued Wrud Rod Issued Wrud Board Issued Gold Ingot Severed Rose Quartz Necklace Issued Wrud Rod Issued Gold Ingot Issued Wrud Board Issued Wrud Rod Issued Wrud Board Issued Wrud Rod Issued Salix Board Issued Salix Board Ring with Lost Gem Issued Salix Board Cracked Salix Staff Issued Salix Wood Issued Salix Rod Severed Platinum Earrings Broken Salix Bow Crumpled Fenris's Ring Issued Asvata Board Issued Asvata Rod Broken Ruby Necklace Bent Beluslan Bow Scorched Vengeance Staff Battered Mithril Earrings Broken Priest's Headband Cracked Pandaemonium Staff Corroded Centurion's Necklace Issued Mithril Ingot Issued Sparkie Sphere Issued Steel Rod Issued Azpha Bud Issued Beach Sand Issued Kandula Bud Issued Paraffin Wax Issued Citrin Powder Issued Lesser Recovery Potion Issued Crasaur Oil Issued Lesser Elemental Water Broken Basfelt Orb Issued Theonia Issued Theonia Issued Lesser Mana Potion Issued Hasia Torn Looter's Spellbook Issued Hasia Issued Hasia Issued Magma Spirit Fragment Broken Morheim Orb Burnt Morheim Spellbook Issued Zircon Powder Issued Moonstone Powder Issued Lazuli Ore Ripped Invader's Spellbook Dull Invader's Orb Issued Scolopen Poison Sac Issued Daevanion Mist Issued Siege Weapon Gunpowder Broken Beluslan Orb Destroyed Beluslan Spellbook Issued Processed Aether Gem Inoperative Gate Restoration Stone Issued Shining Vortex Torn Priest's Spellbook Split Vengeance Orb Broken Arlion Trap Broken Obelisk Destroyed Teleport Statue Broken Warning System Tattered Master Spellbook Issued Conide Issued Pujery Issued Briga Issued Krimer Issued Otombliss Issued Raw Karnif Meat Issued Raydam Issued Blicora Issued Ringa Issued Mosbear Honey Issued Raydam Issued Raw Crasaur Meat Issued Raw Kurin Meat Issued Vinna Issued Gadill Issued Chikra Issued Spiner Pincers Issued Dorado Issued Kirka Issued Rogen Issued Rogen Issued Jardine Issued Raw Abex Meat Issued Raw Abex Meat Issued Gryphu Wing Meat Issued Brommel Issued Scolopen Tail Issued Zeller Issued Megrim Issued Pecku Raw Meat Issued Pressa Issued Asvata Log Issued Merone Issued Almeha