Tipolid Hip Meat Keraton Thorn Arkel's Supplies Virago Feather Pretor Skin Paper Slip Gorgon Hide Volcanic Ash Crystal Rynoce Claw Drynac Tail Suspicious Potion Bottle Virago Tail Feather Windmill Axle Klaw Shell Tipolid Skin Kerubian Horn Lipinium Crystal Aether Potion Lipinium Crystal Rynoce Claw Drynac Tail Saendukal's Mask Warrior's Mark Virago Heart Pretor Fur Spirit of Wind Seeker's Mark Odium Mark Guard's Mark Mamut Heart Gourd Bottle Pretor Skin Crystal from the Mystic Spring Kinah Pouch Bouquet Empty Flask Full Flask Daminu's Fruit Machaon's Beverage Tanis's Package Hannet's Letter Ophelos's Bag Vespine Poison Stinger Purple Membrane Arachna Poison Gland Bundle of Orders Suspicious Package Small Package Aether Firecracker Denlavis's Necklace Tayga Armor Kselliki Meat Ice Sword Red Quartz Greatsword Lava Crystal Crasaur Fin Sylphen Tail Basilisk Fin Kurin Feet Kerubian Weapons Troll Hammers Troll Weapon Earth Essence Fire Temple Key Bundle of Feathers Bundle of Umblia Ring Case Pearl Necklace Ancient Coin Red Thorn Fruit Dragon Skull Dragon Rib Dragon Leg Bone Stolen Box Shugo Craftsman's Shoes Shugo Craftsman's Gloves Shugo Craftsman's Pauldrons Korumonerk's Cube Korumonerk's Backpack Butcher's Weapon Brawler's Weapon Wallarm's Mask Charger's Mask Red Magic Crystal Stone of Clairvoyance Padlocked Chest Shining Scale Crude Wood Bottle Ruthless Fangwing Wings Long-Eared Fangwing Wings Blade Fangwing Wings Blackclaw Fangwing Wings Crasaur Fin Sylphen Tail Drake Horn Kselliki Meat Tipolid Skin Girrinerk's Order Frillneck Mane Big Baku Horn Poisonous Stinger Amberous Horn Amberous Horn Ornament Engraved Stone Tablet Roah Stone Tile Agrint Root Sample Rotron Root Sample Living Cell Daminu's Essence Lodas's Essence Contaminated Elim Crystal Kalkas's Bones Mempion's Bones Spina's Bones Ladon's Bones Urn of the Deceased Research Center Poison Research Center Gate Key Lapontos's Journal Congealed Aether Kabaltu's Sword Ritual Incense Defense Power Pill Bollvig's Stigma Seal Ring of Indratu Samples of Agrint and Rotron Roots Abex Tail Bone Sisandra's Cube Reinforcement Request Ettin Lean Ribs Ettin Sirloin Ancient Book Small Stone Statue Spice Pot Spice Pot Leather Necklace Basilisk Leather Clodworm Leather Rotron Shell Anubite Skull Ganges' Locket Ganges' Buckle Frillneck Fluid Laupede Poison Sac Spirit Soil Essence of Earth Klaw Defender's Heart Klaw Sentinel's Heart Klaw Gatherer's Heart