Manir's Letter Bundle of Incense Mosbear's Leather Memory Quartz Spirit Crystal Tanning knife Weapon Box Mosbear Tusks Beehive MuMu Hairpin Fertilizer Sack Ampha Antidote Ampha Membrane Glowing Mushroom Gerger Insignia Shugo Clothes Gemyu's Package Angolem Crystal Scolopen Poisoned Stinger Bones of Minushan Crystal Hand Mirror Soul Essence Metallic Fragment Ancient Gold Coin Wild Tayga Fang Japayerk's Package Malodor Pollen Archon Sword Brigade General's Order Lepharists' Operation Order Lepharist Insignia Aurtri's Letter Taora's Cube Chieftain's Baton Black Claw Gargoyle Mau Feather Trinket Emergency Provisions Black Claw Amulet Suthran's Letter Suthran's Report Pecku Tail Feather Peace Treaty Proposal Small Charm Suthran's Order Suthran's Order Zemurru's Secret Remedy Mosbear Tusks A Bill Found in a Box Essence of Elim Essence of Elim Ancient Archon Weapon Ancient Archon Armor Tranquility Powder Spiner Tail Cursed Necklace Flint Wind Key Fire Key Abyss Key Water Chamber Key Old Parchment Agnita's Sacred Chalice Ahin's Bookmark Wonshikutz's Research Diary 2039a Aether Key Abex Meat Aether Key Aether Key Dried Elim Root Opal Necklace Sapphire Ring Pearl Earrings Kalsek Claw Daru Brisket Crasaur Flipper Worg Thigh Meat Tender Hock Meat Nabaru's Letter Red Wing Sylphen Leg Hair Shell Pincers Starcrab Meat Starturtle Tail Old Notebook Ancient Money Ancient Weapon Ancient Armor Letter to Heraloene Clodworm Leather Stone Grave Thorn Sheluk Foreleg Hermod's Notebook Bone Speaks Tentacle Arachna Egg Buffalid Neck Meat Snuffler Sirloin Kurin Thigh Meat Big Bucket Full Bucket Rohen Fresh Ginseng Ginseng-shaped Incense QUEST_2343b Dried Ginseng Ginseng Cookie Ginseng Tea Odella String Odella Rope Amethyst Spiner Stone Oculazen Iris Elim Fruit Basilisk Scale Flame Fin Shugo Tailring Power Crystal Magic Power Crystal Ancient Weapon Tripeed Fruit Gauze Bandage Prex Bandage Compress Spriggan Back Skin Gorgon Horn Crestlich Beak Rynoce Horn Green Virago Feather Dark Red Crestlich Feather White Pecku Mane Empty Flask Full Flask Chaintail Scolopen Poison Scolopen Poison Construction Blueprint QUEST_2408a QUEST_2408b Pamphlet Soil Spirit Stone Earth Spirit Stone Terra Elemental Stone Water Spirit Stone Lake Spirit Stone Mist Spirit Stone Abex Sirloin Sparkle Wings Roast Abex Kebab Tyr's Letter