Blue Vine Necklace Odella Undecided Read Item Undecided Read Item Undecided Read Item Odella Pill Long Arachna Leg Heart of Flame Pungent Liquor Agrint Essence Nunu Fertilizer Alsig Village Report Odella Pill Roast Gadill Vivi's Note Lean Crestlich Ribs Lean Crestlich Ribs on a Skewer Gnarl Stump Scolopen Meat Ksellid Hock Meat Virdi's Essence Lodas's Essence Caryatid Piece Daeva's Soul Red Hay Pretor Cell Tissue Pretor Research Diary Flame Sword Silver Quartz Sword Chaomirk's Letter Clodworm Tail Sparkle Spawner To be deleted Research Materials Potion Bottle New Materials for Alchemy 2428 Quest Item b Brax Skin Crasaur Leather Arachna Poison Warehouse Key Holy Pendant Food Sack Magic Earrings Red Heart Necklace Dragon Blood Bracelet Yellow Luciferin Pouch Green Luciferin Pouch Red Luciferin Pouch Ampreh Blossom Fishing Bait Sodden Scroll Small Crystal Lean Crestlich Ribs Package Orders for Randet Mosbear Fluid Spirited Breath Shoes Spirited Breath Gloves Spirited Breath Pauldrons Nuaka's Weapon Muhamurru's Armor Faded Letter Lepharist Leave Pass Flame Stone Mau Horn Flute Bodyguard's Knot Ornament Sparkie Sample Kalgolem Sample Smelly Ointment Lepharist Mask Hororuke's Recipe Jagentz's Blueprint Snowflake Necklace Ice Bead Frost Bead Platinum Clasp Brax Skin Crasaur Leather Ancient Money Ancient Weapon Ancient Armor Arachna Egg Thick Envelope Coarse Tooth Hard Tooth Ksellid Hide Snuffler Hide Laupede's Poison Thorn Vespine Crystal Lost Spectacles Note Found on a Worg Original Plans Duplicate Plans Gem Fragments Flame Fungie's Heart Virago's Bracelet Golden Cornea Aether Booster Mosbear Claw Vanargand's Flute Propaganda Strahein's Wine Bottle Port Key Captain Hinden's Letter Quartz Lens Captain Hinden's Letter Decoded Letter Aika's Key Anoramas's Essence Triminos's Essence Etun's Essence Flame Bomb Signal Flare Empty Glass Bottle Bottle Filled with Aether Aether Bomb Golden Trumpet Temple Key Captain Hinden's Letter Decoded Letter Sticky Saliva Fortress Fragment Crestlich Breast Meat Ingredient Basket Crestlich Breast Meat Salad Nerita's Letter Gray Scale Ice Scale Blue Scale Violet Scale Food Sack Letter of Refusal Golden Kinah Pouch Pearl Necklace Silver Kinah Pouch Silky Face Cream Shugo Grass Stem Snowfur Leather Alfgeir's Muffler Food Pouch Violet Crystal Fire Crystal Granker Horn Durable Potion Bottle Empty Durable Potion Bottle Potion Bottle Keeping Poison Preventative Medicine Malek Ore Pure Malek Malek Heart