Expert Essencetapping Ring Expert Aethertapping Ring Blood Ruby Azure Sapphire Starry Diamond Dazzling Aether Luminous Aether Eremitia's Greatsword Eremitia's Breastplate Eremitia's Sash Eremitia's Necklace Eremitia's Spellbook Eremitia's Noble Greatsword Eremitia's Noble Breastplate Eremitia's Noble Sash Eremitia's Noble Necklace Eremitia's Noble Spellbook Eremitia's Vegetable Dish Eremitia's Fruit Dish Eremitia's Fish Dish Eremitia's Conide Dish Eremitia's Tasty Vegetable Dish Eremitia's Tasty Fruit Dish Eremitia's Tasty Fish Dish Eremitia's Tasty Conide Dish Ancient Reian Hairpin Oconerk's Letter Large Diamond Book of Records Book of Records Completed Book of Record Comfort Package Puca's Sack Golden Skin Mimic's Jewel Powder Pixiebelle's Ingot Barghest Fur Rotron Firewood Mookie Needle Mookie Pickles Candy Can Shugo's Pill Stunned Seafoam Glittering Glass Bottle Warmonger's Shield Conjurer's Ring Dusty Book Dragrint Remnant Crestlich Remnant Neokin Tissue Klaw Shell Worker Shell Wisdom Jewel Blessing of Concentration Tiamat's Mark Dragon Lord's Sign Banner of Greed Essence of Sulfur Stone Sample for Measurement Stone Melted in Sulfuric Acid Congealed Sulfur Soggy Sulfur Hot Sulfur Powdered Sulfur Sulfur Gathering Tool Ksellid Carapace Ksellid Carapace Old Sack Extra Clothing Leather Notebook Emergency Potion Balaur Memory Quartz Ancient Dragon's Insignia Balaur's Map Balaur Map Eastern Symbol Western Symbol Southern Symbol Northern Symbol Dragon Pattern Staff Scale Pattern Staff Zanuta's Memory Crystal Serrator Carapace Drake Emblem Dragonbound's Headband Glossy Bead Dry Ettin Leaf Balic Outer Scale Dragon Flame Worthy Hammer Vorgaltem Secret Order Stanis's Secret Order Temenos's Secret Order Omega's Fragment Violet Orb Violet Orb Violet Orb Violet Orb Mastarius's Heart Nasty Sap Scolopen Poisoned Stinger Leowasp Thorn Serrator Shell Obscura Dust Dracuni Claw Spaller Remains Lausus's Report Crumpled Parcel Supply Rations Baku Leather Aran's Journal Aran's Journal Gryphu Feather Agrint's Stem Shulack Baby Basket Klaw Egg Vortile Meat Moonflower Stamen Aether Mist Elemental Water Greesees's Tentacle Rough Wind Mushroom Poisonous Wind Mushroom Red Wind Mushroom Mithril Ring A Girl's Gloomy Days Treasure Map Piece of Aegis Piece of Aegis Piece of Aegis Piece of Aegis Piece of Aegis Piece of Aegis Piece of Aegis Piece of Aegis Piece of Aegis Ensouled Aether Fasimedes' Greatsword Fasimedes' Breastplate Fasimedes' Sash Fasimedes' Necklace Fasimedes' Spellbook Fasimedes' Noble Greatsword Fasimedes' Noble Breastplate Fasimedes' Noble Sash Fasimedes' Noble Necklace Fasimedes' Noble Spellbook Fasimedes' Salad Fasimedes' Smoothie Fasimedes' Fish