Shining Glass Lamp Brohum's Amulet Lifeform Remodeling Report Activated Surkana Logi's Recommendation Kinterun's Recommendation Lanse's Recommendation Lainita's Recommendation Honir's Recommendation Zyakia's Recommendation Concentrated Vitality Scrawled Letter Crumpled Letter Folded Letter Sealed Letter Gift Coupon Latatusk's Recommendation Ustarn's Recommendation Logi's Recommendation Kinterun's Recommendation Zyakia's Recommendation Lanse's Recommendation Honir's Recommendation Lainita's Recommendation Fine Drana Fragment Red Dionae Petal Watching Eye Balaur's Belongings Weighty Cube Taloc's Tears Taloc Fruit Wild Grass Tissue Sample Barghest Tissue Sample Mutated Tissue Sample Farbin's Solution Skira's Generator Generator Bloody Cloth Scepter of Purification Scepter of Purification Daonce's Report Klawtiar's Scentbag Refined Klawtiar's Scentbag Liquid Special Aether Bomb Concentrated Vitality Powerful Balaur Blood Mind Control Potion Klawtiar's Scentbag Balaur Armor Drana Growing Device Parts Balaur Armor Plant Sample 1 Plant Sample 2 Plant Sample 3 Plant Sample 4 Plant Sample 1 Plant Sample 2 Plant Sample 3 Plant Sample 4 Plant Sample 1 Plant Sample 2 Plant Sample 3 Plant Sample 4 Steel Debris Dionae Sample Mookie Fluff Mookie Tuft Empty Water Bottle Full Water Bottle Empty Water Bottle Full Water Bottle Strigik's Bundle Strigik Prison Key Strigik Feather Grass-woven Trap Antimoni Ore Concentrated Antimoni Ore Pouch Tainted Mineral Purifier Aether Sample Sample Pouch Strigik Beak Antiquity Crystal Krall Blood Mau Blood Fanatic's Parchment Taloc's Shard Crystal of Magic Dratamin Pulsing Crystal Hardened Drakscale Balaur Flame Worthy Hammer Angrief Special Orders Fundin's Special Orders Kirhua's Special Orders Shining Scroll Shining Scroll Shining Scroll Shining Scroll Shining Scroll Fundin's Report Wood Board Cursed Tree Wood Debris Fragment Flute Broken Knickknacks Marayas Relic Withered Fungie Carcass Variant Fungie Carcass Fungie Spore Liquid Hazy Crystal Senegal's Arrow Half-folded Paper Manticore's Shackle Lucal's Fishing Rod Cellatu's Epidermis Alitaur's Epidermis Growing Device Parts Grouser Bomb Dracuni Pincers Balaur Supplies Balaur Weapon Broken Material Growing Device Engine Petralith Remains Rusty Scrap Iron Lump Padmarashka Convoy Legion's Insignia Leowasp Carapace Drake Claw Guard's Insignia Leowasp Wing Drakie Horn Enemy's Insignia Ksellid Meat Salivary Gland Pouch Serrator Scale Black Soul Itar's Report Expert Essencetapping Tool Expert Aethertapping Tool Agehia's Greatsword Agehia's Breastplate Agehia's Sash Agehia's Necklace Agehia's Spellbook Agehia's Noble Greatsword Agehia's Noble Breastplate Agehia's Noble Sash Agehia's Noble Necklace