Agehia's Vegetable Dish Agehia's Fruit Dish Agehia's Fish Dish Agehia's Conide Dish Agehia's Tasty Vegetable Dish Agehia's Tasty Fruit Dish Agehia's Tasty Fish Dish Agehia's Tasty Conide Dish Lidded Bucket Sealed Orders Klawtiar's Scentbag Trodden Grass Moist Pebble Svasuth's Travel Bag Gorgeous Dress Marsh Mamut Horn Gehlen's Special Soup Berokin's Image Marble Leaf Woven Pouch Big Clothes Package Sakti's Crystal Biolab Map Drakan Researcher's Journal Undead Drakan Researcher's Armor Balaur Limbcleaver Weighty Tool Chest Piece of Zikel Piece of Zikel Piece of Zikel Piece of Zikel Piece of Zikel Piece of Zikel Piece of Zikel Piece of Zikel Piece of Zikel Shorleck's Letter Gelastra's Letter Stigma Research Diary Vidar's Greatsword Vidar's Breastplate Vidar's Sash Vidar's Necklace Vidar's Spellbook Vidar's Noble Greatsword Vidar's Noble Breastplate Vidar's Noble Sash Vidar's Noble Necklace Vidar's Noble Spellbook Vidar's Salad Vidar's Smoothie Vidar's Fish Vidar's Chowder Vidar's Tasty Salad Vidar's Tasty Smoothie Vidar's Tasty Fish Vidar's Tasty Chowder Logi's Greatsword Kinterun's Breastplate Zyakia's Sash Lanse's Necklace Honir's Spellbook Logi's Noble Greatsword Kinterun's Noble Breastplate Zyakia's Noble Sash Lanse's Noble Necklace Honir's Noble Spellbook Lainita's Salad Lainita's Smoothie Lainita's Fish Lainita's Tasty Salad Lainita's Tasty Smoothie Lainita's Tasty Fish Vidar's Chair Vidar's Plush Chair Darfen's Chair Darfen's Plush Chair Agehia's Chair Agehia's Plush Chair Kalgolem Stone Spiner Carapace Ancient Relics Torn Letter Virago Feather Kelaino's Necklace Flame Essence Life Seed The Rest of the Letter Rokes's Necklace Sinis's Hair Stone of Purification Soul Piece Calydon Candy First Rubbed Copy Second Rubbed Copy Third Rubbed Copy The Forbidden Weapons Yellow Orb Red Orb Blue Orb Green Orb Salt Crystal Ancient Activation Stone Ancient Activation Stone Recharged Activation Stone Recharged Activation Stone Wanderer's Staff Cellatu Ovisac Latustu's Ovisac Sea Creature Fossil Excavation Site Inspection Chart Gold Molar Angled Blade Dagger Bloodied Note Root Thorn Antidote Calydon Assassin 48, 49 Drop Item. Calydon Sorcerer 48, 49 Drop Item. Dodum's Staff Giant Parasol Mushroom Scopind's Tattoo Tool Chest Stone of Mabolo Nagrunerk's Safe Red Journal Salty Shell Calydon Hair Statue Piece Aether-Containing Box Stone Plate Map Aquamarine Earrings Cube Trap Cube with Pippi-Inside Jabala's Dumplings Research Center Document Trapper Feather Poacher Feather Griffo Feather Griffon Feather Frost Shard Elemental Stone of Frost Magic Ward Scroll Black Wing Feather Old Parchment Split Wooden Board Prison Inmate Tag Baku Hock Meat Bloodwing Meat Fire Element Device Part Water Element Device Part Earth Element Device Part Wind Element Device Part