Harmony Breath Unity Breath Harmony Mote Unity Mote Heart of Destruction Heart of Protection Patience Crystal Conviction Crystal Ore of Patience Ore of Conviction Valiance Breath Sheltered Breath Vigor Breath Valiance Mote Protection Mote Vigor Mote Heart of Chaos Heart of Safety Heart of Eternity Burning Vitality Burning Sulfur Burning Mind Passion Crystal Pure Crystal Ore of Passion Pure Ore Passion Gemstone Pure Gemstone Idium Shard Flickering Fusion Stone Mysterious Crystal Mystical Crystal Marvelous Crystal Mysterious Shard Mystical Shard Marvelous Shard Mysterious Fusion Stone Mystical Fusion Stone Marvelous Fusion Stone Forest Denku's Chest Crux Forest Denku's Leg Crux Forest Denku's Foot Crux Forest Denku's Hand Crux Forest Denku's Shoulder Crux Forest Denku's Head Crux Sandwash Tomul's Chest Crux Sandwash Tomul's Leg Crux Sandwash Tomul's Foot Crux Sandwash Tomul's Hand Crux Sandwash Tomul's Shoulder Crux Sandwash Tomul's Head Crux Magic Stone of the Enraged Heart Magic Stone of the Indomitable Heart Magic Stone of the Noble Heart Magic Stone of the Wise Heart Magic Stone of the Furious Heart Magic Stone of the Pure Heart Magic Stone of the Strong Heart Metal Scroll Leather Scroll Fabric Scroll Gem Scroll Improved Metal Scroll Improved Leather Scroll Improved Fabric Scroll Improved Gem Scroll Sophisticated Metal Scroll Sophisticated Leather Scroll Sophisticated Fabric Scroll Sophisticated Gem Scroll Elaborate Metal Scroll Elaborate Leather Scroll Elaborate Fabric Scroll Elaborate Gem Scroll Ordine Paper Processed Ordine Paper Elegue Reagent Paper Processed Elegue Reagent Paper Maslo Oil Concentrated Maslo Oil Bebida Cooking Water Concentrated Bebida Cooking Water Clean Magic Fluid Refined Magic Fluid Blessed Magic Fluid Kera Crystal Processed Kera Crystal Conditioning Stone Processed Conditioning Stone Augmenting Stone Processed Augmenting Stone Medicus Reagent Paper Processed Medicus Reagent Paper Terapeia Reagent Paper Processed Terapeia Reagent Paper Zen Ore Refined Zen Ore Stone of Life Hora Ore Refined Hora Ore Stone of Fate Red Crystal Blue Crystal Green Crystal Purple Crystal Red Water Drop Blue Water Drop Green Water Drop Purple Water Drop Red Natural Gem Blue Natural Gem Green Natural Gem Purple Natural Gem Red Natural Magic Stone Blue Natural Magic Stone Green Natural Magic Stone Purple Natural Magic Stone Bright Dimension Stone Cold Dimension Stone Tough Dimension Stone Burning Dimension Stone Radiant Dimension Stone Bright Magic Dimension Stone Cold Magic Dimension Stone Tough Magic Dimension Stone Burning Magic Dimension Stone Radiant Magic Dimension Stone Natural Vitality Natural Essence Edible Fruit Edible Meat Spirit Stone of Light Stamina Spirit Stone of Darkness Stamina Spirit Stone of Eternity Stamina Ancient Crafting Stone Powder Chronos Stone Powder Eternity Stone Powder Morio Dissolving Fluid Colarion Enchanting Crystal Refined Morio Dissolving Fluid Frigida Legion Balaur Scale Frigida Legion Equipment Soulstone Frigida Brigade Balaur Scale Frigida Brigade Equipment Soulstone Chaotic Dimension Stone Chaotic Belus Stone Magic Chaotic Dimension Stone Magic Chaotic Belus Stone Miragent Pattern