Unused - Test Sample 1 (Elyos) Intrusion Mine Infiltration Directive Proximity Alarm Unused - Test Sample 1 (Asmodian) Unused - Test Sample 2 (Asmodian) Unused - Test Sample 3 (Asmodian) Infiltration Mine Infiltration Orders Boundary Alarm Agent's Brooch Fragment Agent's Brooch Piece Data Driven ItemPlay1 Data Driven ItemPlay2 Data Driven ItemPlay3 Data Driven CollectItem1 Data Driven CollectItem2 Data Driven CollectItem3 Smoldering Ash Anoha's Blade Fragment Unused - Activated Danuar Relics Unused - Anoha's Blade Piece Smoldering Soot Burning Ash Unused - Anoha's Blade Fragment Burning Soot Grave Robber Band's Amalgam Sword Big Baku Horn Worg Mane Ancient Saam Root Malodor Petal Malodor Thorn Smoothstone Petal Rotron Shell Rynoce Skin Scolopen Tail Oculis Thorn Gorgon Horn Snuffler Ruff Finbacked Baku Horn Worg Tail Fur Malodor Root Fungie Feather Fladia Leaf Malodor Sap Rynoce Horn Rotron Leaf Agrint Shell Gnarl Hullpiece Dionae Root Frillneck Fang Invasion Brief Invasion Brief Saam Root Map Maniacal Saam [Event] Lucky Token [Event] Lucky Token Sealed Grail Q9685 Drop Item Q9685 Maloren Issue Item Q9685 Jamanok Issue Item Q9685 Diana Issue Item Q9687 Hler Issue Item Q9687 Barretta Issue Item Watching Eye Shard of Trifire's Weapon Taloc's Tears Taloc Fruit Artificial Aether Generation Device Summoning Stone Scepter of Purification Armory Supplies Siege Supplies Ruins Location Map Token of Balaur Salty Soil Sample Rubbing Tool Bag Mural Rubbing Old Balaur Document Deciphered Balaur Document Wedge Stone Bomb (Unused) Flame Pepper Bomb Broken Slate Piece Page 1 of Beritra's Plans Page 2 of Beritra's Plans Page 3 of Beritra's Plans Page 4 of Beritra's Plans Restored Beritra's Plans Ominous Seed Skira's Solution Aether Wave Stone Aether Wave Stone Obelisk Taloc Fruit Taloc's Tears Heart of Celestius Heart of Celestius Empty Sample Box Light Sample Box Heavy Sample Box Weighty Sample Box Necklace of Sorrow Bloody Greatsword Mysterious Research Diary Overcharged Aether Bomb Bloodstained Cloth Burnt Ash Ruddy Ash Cold Ash Red Ash Fossil of Ancient Creature Dried White Root Enshar Ruins Piece Token of Friendship Highland Husk Aetheric Token Ancient Crystal Weakened Ancient Crystal Q9691 Quest Item (Collect) Q9692 Quest Item1 (Collect) Q9692 Quest Item2 (Collect) Q9692 Quest Item3 (Collect) Q9692 Quest Item4 (Collect) Q9693 Quest Item1 (RetrieveItem) Q9693 Quest Item2 (Teleport) Q9693 Quest Item3 (PlayCutscene) Q9693 Quest Item4 (Gossip) Q9693 Quest Item5 (SystemMessage) Q9693 Quest Item6 (NPCSpawn) Q9693 Quest Item7 (ObtainQuest) Q9696 Quest Item (EnterArea) Q9697 Quest Item (EnterWorld) Q9698 Quest Item (LevelUp) Q9693 Quest Item8 (EnterInstancedDungeon) Report Paper Completed Report Lost Backpack Artificial Aether Generator Repair Tool Vespine's Luciferin Hill Fungie's Clam Mosshead Fungen's Tentacle Sample of Star Coral's Flower Trico's Horn Coral Parasites of Rotten Trees Seafoam Wine Rusty Saw-toothed Sword Akula's Accessory (Quest Start Item) Akula's Left Leg Bone Akula's Right Leg Bone Akula's Rib