Holy Crystal of Red Light Sticky Biofluid Mushroon Meat Pasirori Largon's Fur Jelly-like Fruit Fine Textured Leather Retrieved Jotun's Stone Tablet Thick Biofluid Small Bone Small Talon Poison Sac of Plangtuss A trap to attack Elyos Lost Research Document Keepsake of Victimized Archon Necklace with Cracked Pendant Transparent Biofluid Repaired Necklace Armor Repair Tool Weapon Repair Tool Mysterious Lilim Flower Essence Remedy of Dimming Light Borgand's Report Baudurin's Report Hildmir's Report Magrell's Report Divine Crystal of White Light Divine Crystal of Yellow Light Divine Crystal of Red Light Taiga Gallbladder Kures' Tentacle Invigorant Lynos Skull Combatant's Amulet Shaman's Amulet Sentinel's Amulet Healer's Amulet Ancestors' Flag Hairpin Waist Band Ornament Balaur Sword Balaur Bow Balaur Staff Stein's Letter Unused Hisen Pattern Dream Fragment Draconute's Helmet Aether Mixer Parts Artificial Aether Generator Summoning Stone Gelkmaros Drana Sample Drana Solution Queen Klawenti's Digestive Gland Destroyed Guardian Statue Piece Research Diary of Udas Supply Medicine Leg Bandage Head Bandage Waist Bandage Prescription for Cheska Trunke's Heart Dionae Sample Mookie Fluff Mookie Tuft Wood Board Old Tree Stem Broken Knicknacks Carcass of Withered Moss Carcass of Variant Moss Transparent Crystal Manticore's Shackle Ortiz' Crumpled Drawing Taloc Leaf Taloc Research Report Ancient Document of Followers of the Balaur Translated Ancient Document of Followers of the Balaur Energy Source of Giant Weapon Refined Odium Raw Odium Payrinrinerk's Ribbon Detachment Armor Piece Detachment Weapon Piece Bloody Epaulet Broken Wings Mahorosh's Report Opel's Note Rogion's Journal Broken Drakan Sword Detachment Armor Piece Detachment Weapon Piece Blood Soaked Epaulet Ripped Wings Warden's Report Shurake's Note Harogen's Journal Broken Drakan Weapon Pamphlet of the Lehparists Stein's Liquor Bottle Secret Port Key Transparent Daeva Essence Daeva of Flame Essence Fungy Spore Liquid Taloc Research Diary Drakie Candy Enshar Ruins Piece Monster's Belongings Monster's Belongings Moonlight Cave Sparkle's Wings Sea Giant's Ornament Moonlight Cave Nependeth's Seed Argwud Ritual Offering Lost Backpack Red Pearl Sea-Patterned Vespine's Scale Corarico's Scale Dried Seaweed Sample Sample of Star Coral's Flower Coralback Rotron's Shell Token of Friendship Highland Husk Yellowthorn Spinefish Flesh Seashell Fungie Flesh Yunish Seafood Soup Tejhi Weapon Tejhi's Token of Faith Highland Malodor Seed Improved Seed Rockskin Shell Mysterious Keepsake Plump Carabi Flesh Sea Giant's Crystal Token of Unity Ancient King's Treasure Map Shining Blue Crystal Fragment Melchor's Venom Most Powerful Poison Cold Blue Crystal Burning Rock Shard Blue Mane Kirrus Meat Red Desert Lobnite's Meat RMa-32 Experiment Plan Odella Odella Lakeum Transport Plan Flute of Destiny Nachtish Legion Treasure Chest Guardian Deity General's Medal of Bravery Guardian Commander's Medal of Bravery Guardian Brigade General's Medal of Bravery