Ancient Fog Mystic Wings Legendary Voidsoul Wings Legendary Mystic Voidsoul Wings Ancient Obsidian Wings Ancient Obsidian Mystic Wings Legendary Frostspark Wings Legendary Frostspark Mystic Wings Ultimate Frostspark Wings Ultimate Frostspark Mystic Wings Ancient Bloodsworn Wings Ancient Bloodsworn Mystic Wings Ancient Inquisitor Wings Ancient Inquisitor Mystic Wings Legendary Firebrand Wings Legendary Firebrand Mystic Wings Ultimate Firebrand Wings Ultimate Firebrand Mystic Wings Ancient Vindicator Wings Ancient Vindicator Mystic Wings Legendary Cloud War Wings Legendary Cloud War Mystic Wings Ultimate Cloud War Wings Ultimate Cloud War Mystic Wings Legendary Zenith Wings Legendary Zenith Mystic Wings Ultimate Zenith Wings Ultimate Zenith Mystic Wings Legendary Winged Champion Wings Legendary Winged Champion Mystic Wings Ultimate Winged Champion Wings Ultimate Winged Champion Mystic Wings Ancient Monarch's Wings Ancient Monarch's Mystic Wings Legendary Monarch's Wings Legendary Monarch's Mystic Wings Ultimate Monarch's Wings Ultimate Monarch's Mystic Wings Ancient Conqueror's Wings Ancient Conqueror's Mystic Wings Legendary Conqueror's Wings Legendary Conqueror's Mystic Wings Ultimate Conqueror's Wings Ultimate Conqueror's Mystic Wings Ancient Masterwork Monarch's Wings Ancient Masterwork Monarch's Mystic Wings Legendary Masterwork Monarch's Wings Legendary Masterwork Monarch's Mystic Wings Ultimate Masterwork Monarch's Wings Ultimate Masterwork Monarch's Mystic Wings Ancient Masterwork Conqueror's Wings Ancient Masterwork Conqueror's Mystic Wings Legendary Masterwork Conqueror's Wings Legendary Masterwork Conqueror's Mystic Wings Ultimate Masterwork Conqueror's Wings Ultimate Masterwork Conqueror's Mystic Wings Luminous Black Cloud Wings Luminous Black Cloud Mystic Wings Ancient Celestius' Wings Ancient Celestius' Mystic Wings Ancient Tiamat's Wings Ancient Tiamat's Mystic Wings Ancient Zenith Wings Ancient Zenith Mystic Wings Ancient Winged Champion Wings Ancient Winged Champion Mystic Wings 6.0_Wings_Test Equipment_01 6.0_Wings_Test Equipment_02 6.0_Wings_Test Equipment_03 Ancient Libertas Wings Ancient Libertas Mystic Wings Ancient Sanctuary Wings Ancient Sanctuary Mystic Wings Black Cloud Wings [Event] Wing [Event] Tashunerk's Bright Wing Feather [Event] Dark Abyssal Wing Feather [Event] Glorious Black Cloud Wing Feather [Event] Tashunerk's Glowing Wing Feather [Event] Shaded Abyssal Wing Feather Black Cloud Wing Feather Possession Time 1 Minute Wings Wing Feather of Birth [Event] Jet Abyssal Wing Feather [Event] Soaring Wing Feather [Event] Black Cloud Wing Feather V303 [Event] Black Cloud Wings Glorious White Wings Invincible Black Wings Tiamat's Spectral Wings Popstar Wing Feather [Event] Dramata's Bone Wing [Event] Dramata Wings [Event] Black Angel Wings [Event] Red Angel Wings [Event] Ghostly Angel Wings [Event] White Angel Wings Splendid Light's Wings Black Angel Wing Skin Red Angel Wing Skin Ghostly Angel Wing Skin White Angel Wing Skin Ornate Butterfly Wing Feather Red Celestial Plume Silvered Steampunk Wings Wing Feather of Promise Cute Chick Magma Wings Hot Chick Phoenix Wing Skin Baby Angel's Spiritual Wing Feather Thunder Dragon King's Wing Skin Flying Feline Wings Ice Crystal Wings Ice Crystal Wings Golden Wings New Year's Day Wing Feather Majestic Black Cloud Wings Dazzling Black Cloud Wings Dazzling Black Cloud Wings Dazzling Black Cloud Wings Dazzling Black Cloud Wings Dazzling Black Cloud Wings Dazzling Black Cloud Wings Garkbinerk's Black Cloud Wings Lolarinerk's Black Cloud Wings Javirunerk's Black Cloud Wings Glorious Black Cloud Wings Lucky Wings Gossamer Wings Brilliance Wings Chantinerk's Wing Feather Skin (7 days) Tashunerk's Wing Feather Skin (7 days) Nestor's Wing Feather Skin (7 days) Noble Oriel's Wing Skin (7 days) Orichalcum Key Wing Skin (7 days) Ancanus' Wing Feather Skin (7 days) Oriel Wings of Victory Skin (7 days) Yuditio's Wing Feather Skin (7 days) Haroshunerk's Wing Feather Skin (7 days) Chief Operative's Wing Skin (7 days) Wing Feather of Magic Skin (7 days) Despair Wing Feather Skin (7 days) Abyssal Wing Feather Skin (7 days) Sigyn's Wing Feather Skin (7 days) Noble Pernon's Wing Skin (7 days) Wings of The Circle Skin (7 days) Skafir's Wing Feather Skin (7 days) Pernon Wings of Victory Skin (7 days) Munin's Wing Feather Skin (7 days)